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High Time To Cure Indigestion: Homeopathy Medicines

Indigestion, nausea, vomiting, and other signs of an upset stomach can affect anyone. Most of them strike without any prior warning. These symptoms are disturbing and cause irritation to the routine. But homeopathy has a broad range of medicines to cure every small problem of digestion. You can control and prevent various symptoms of indigestion and restore your health with effective homeopathic medicine for indigestion. Consider the following remedies when you are going through any of these symptoms.

1. Ignatia: When you notice a frequent rumbling in the bowels, sour belching, frequent sighing, sensitive, nervous, excitable go for Ignatia.

2. Ipecac: provides a soothing relief when a patient is facing constant nausea, or there is a continual gripping of intestinal pains; feelings of vomit, a worse smell of food disturbing or suffering from diarrhea with nausea.

3. Nux Vomica: It reduces heartburn, sourness, bitter belching, signs of abdominal bloating after eating, headache, signs of drowsiness, and depression symptoms. If a patient is very sensitive to stimuli (noise, odours, light, etc.) he feels irritable, and these feelings get worse with eating. Then Nux can do wonders for curing severe indigestion. So, do not ignore the illness after work, stop overeating, and limit the use of alcohol and coffee.

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4. Antimonium Crudum: helps the patient who suffers from a sudden feeling of vomit right after eating or drinking, constant belching, and white-coated tongue.

5. Carbo Vegetabilis: It is the best medicine for gas and belching felt about 30 minutes after eating when the person dislikes the simple and light food and starts avoiding meat, milk, and fatty foods. The desire of wearing loose clothing around the abdomen feels chilly but better from a cold.

6. Chamomilla: It reduces the bitter taste in the mouth, one cheek may be red and hot and the other pale and cold. When the indigestion is faced after a fit of anger or irritability, the abdomen is distended with gas, cramping; extreme restlessness, and anxious tossing.

7. Pulsatilla: The feelings of heartburn, queasiness, dry mouth with a bad taste and a sense of heaviness after eating can be prevented with the help of Pulsatilla. If the patient becomes averse to fatty foods and chose loose clothes to lose around the abdomen, becomes peevish and weepy this homeopathic medicine for indigestion is a boon for this illness.

Digestive problems are a big issue nowadays due to improper diet, especially rich and fatty foods, ice creams, junk food, etc. Lack of physical activities is increasing the number of couch potatoes in our society. It is high time that we should initiate healthy habits and make proper meal plans to avoid certain fatal diseases like diabetes, heart disease, cholesterol and much more.

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