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Heal the Eyes with Effective Homeopathic Medicine

A cataract is a condition characterized by clouding of the normally clear lens of the eyes. In this condition, the lens becomes opaque leading to disturbances in vision such as hazy blurred vision, fading of the colours, difficult vision in bright light, at night, etc and if not treated on time this may result in blindness. The lens is the portion of the eye that focuses on the rays of light entering the eye onto the retina. In a normal eye, the light passes through the transparent lens to the retina and hence projects a clear image. If the lens appears to be cloudy from a cataract the image will get blurred, and distorted and the vision will be faded.

In most cases, it is due to aging, where people above the age of forty-five, complain about blurred vision and other symptoms. It cannot spread from one eye to the other and neither affects other people looking at you. The lost vision can be restored through surgery. Many homeopathic medicines for cataract provides relief for a long time and prevent the formation of cataract. There are specific risk factors that make it more complicated. The most significant causes are:

  • Aging
  • A family history
  • Early development of cataracts
  • Diabetes
  • Consumption of tobacco
  • Prolonged exposure to sunlight

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Healing the eye with homeopathy

One cannot ignore the fact that homeopathy is safe and causes no harmful side effects. It cannot override the need for surgery in severe cases, but it can treat the signs in the early stages and at the developing stage. It retards and shrinks the clouding of the lens and restores blurred vision to some extent. These medicines help to prevent further bleeding, infections and retinal detachment. It has the power to stop the further progression of this critical illness.

Here are the top homeopathic medicines for cataracts- Calcarea Flourica, Cineraria Maritima eye drops and Silicea. In case of cataract, Cineraria maritima eye drops with alcohol will be the one which is helpful.

  • Chionanthus virginica MT It is used for pain in the forehead, over the eyes, pain in the eyeballs, and in several types of headaches.
  • Calcarea Flourica When the person complains of flickering and sparks in front of the eye more frequently.
  • Carbo Animalis When there is dimness of vision while reading relieved by light rubbing of the eyes.

Some precautions to be taken by people more prone to this condition are:

  • Take care of adequate lighting, especially while reading and writing.
  • Always wear proper eyeglasses or contact lenses under the prescription of the eye specialist.
  • Avoid driving during the night for safety reasons.
  • Eyes also require proper rest and some exercise.

The eyes are the most precious organ in your body, so taking good care of them keeps you happy and healthy.

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