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Do’s and Don’ts of Chronic Joint Pains

Age factor plays a significant role in deteriorating physical fitness of a person. It begins with the light spasms in the back, legs, and arms due to continuous exertion. Working people take these pains lightly and never give serious considerations to the discomfort. They resort to applying pain-relievers and sprays for temporary relief. This neglect leads to the development of chronic pains.

Furthermore, these aches and pains get categorized later in life as rheumatism, various forms of arthritis, and pains due to injuries and so on. Homeopathic treatment for joint pain is one of the best ways to cure this medical condition. There are few do’s and don’ts which may help in recovering and avoiding.


1. Diet: Maintaining a balanced and healthy diet is good for your body altogether. But a diet containing more fiber and less carbohydrate is advisable for people suffering from chronic pains. Fruits, vegetables, pulses, and grains are rich in fibers.

2. Water: Never underestimate the power of water. 6-8 glasses of water per day are helpful in lubricating the joints giving way to easier movements.

3. Exercise: Having chronic pains does not mean that one should stop exercising. Walking, stretching playing outdoor games are recommended but it is best to get the opinion of a therapist based on the problem.

4. Soaking: Giving a home treatment to the affected joints in the warm water treated with Epsom salt for 15 minutes, reduces inflammation and provides momentary relief to the painful areas.

Don’ts –

1. Overexertion: Exertion in any form is risky. Hence, during festivities, special occasions or excessive office/house chores special care should be taken. As in most of the severe cases a person becomes bedridden for the time being by overexerting oneself.

2. Dehydration: One should avoid aerated drinks, coffee, and alcoholic beverages as they dehydrate the body and in some cases dissolve the calcium in the body.

3. Obesity: It is advisable for obese people to try and maintain their weight as much as possible and keep their body active as much as possible to avoid the strain on the body.

4. Smoke: Smoking makes the bones brittle. It inhibits the growth of cartilage tissue and delays the repair of broken bones. Hence, chronic pains are sometimes more in intensity for people who smoke.

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