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Acne and its homoeopathic treatment

Stress is not an obsession but an anxiety for me. Recent research in different fields of diseases is obssessed with stress mania and tends to list this as one of the factors. If sale is any indicator, anti-stress drugs from alcohol to antidepressant and tranquilizers there is a disturbing trend of rise in sales turnover. Many formulations in wide variety of conditions have tranquilizers.

Reading an article on acne, I came across the following statement: ‘Over activity of oil glands caused by hormones(androgens), bacteria, emotional stress, corticosteriods are often the main cause’. There are some facts about the disease, which everyone should know.

Acne vulgaris, commonly known as pimples, is a chronic inflammatory disease of the oil glands, characterized by blackheads, pimples, pustules(pus filled pimples), cysts, nodules and often scars. It affects 90% of all teenagers.The problem may sometimes begin in the twenties and thirties or may persist in adults for many years. Common areas affected are the oily portions of the skin, cheeks, nose, forehead and chin, upper chest, back; shoulders are also often involved.

Agreeing with above,the aspect ignored is systemic disorders,modern scientists believe that sebum secretion is increased causing acne.Again this increase is not only due to androgens but also to abnormal keratinisation at the exit of pilosebaceous follicles,the propriono bacterium acne(if it has a good host with favourable terrain for its spread.), the free fatty acids and chemical responsible for inflammatory conditions. Sounds good. But the triggering factors remain untouched by the above statements.

Let us see the situation from another angle. It is most common disease of the young with an unknown cause.The excessive hormones or bacteria may activate or promote but there is no evidence confirming that they can cause the disease. Anti-bacterial treatment subsides and relapses are known to occur. Scientists believe diet is not vital but some items of diet do aggravate the conditions (contradictory information or should say misinformation). Let’s understand the role of diet and cellular availability of fats(lipids and also their role in excessive production of hormones) and how does homoeopathy play a positive role in arresting the situation.

Can anyone dispute that capsicum increases blood flow (along with lipids) or cinnamon, cardamom, clove, ginger, peppermint, nutmeg(Myristica used as aphrodisiac turmeric, piper methysticum, or the dry fruits, nuts etc. act as a stimulant to glandular secretions including androgens?. Can we ignore that higher intake of fried food, oils and fats will increase cholesterol levels with rise in triglycerides and rise? in their breakdowns causing pimples?

Foods do have effect on glandular secretion and different lipid levels. If permitted to state my own views, it is a false notion, which is being created by many including those promoting antibiotics.Indian families do not believe the statement that foods have no relation to acne.

For ages ayurvedic and homoeopathic physicians have experienced the positive role of shaatwick foods in managment and cure of acne.It means vegetarian foods, milk, fruits, less of spices, nuts and fats in any form. If we look to the list of homoeopathic medicines normally prescribed we find they have within the umbrella both the modern concept and traditional theory such as:

(a) Asterias rubens, Agaricus, Hydrocotyle, Kalium bromicum with strong mental symptoms

(b) Arsenic iod, Arsenic sulph rubrum, Calcarea car., Hepar sulp., Graphites , Iodum, Psorinum, Streptococcinum and Sulphur with detoxification,strong psoric and skin symptoms

(c) Berberis aquefolium, thuja, echinacea as strong external antibacterial, antifungal and antilipid local actions.

Homoeopaths differ from modern concept(as promoted) in this respect but they have managed causes of acne well. They do advice restriction of certain items of diet, which are in consonance to their approcah towards totality of looking to the basic problems from the root cause.

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