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Staphylococcinum – Schwabe India


Schwabe News Volume 2 | Issue 6 | December 2011


There are two recent provings found on this drug. One proving was conducted by David Riley, which was published in his book Collected Provings, and the other was by Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy, India, which was published in their CCRH Quarterly Bulletin, Vol. 24 (3 & 4) 2002. Below is the abstract of the combined symptoms from both the provings. For the complete details, kindly refer the original publications.


Irritation worse evening, noise, better by lying down in dark.  Loss of sense of direction or forgetful of where she is going.  Dream of insects and of anxious. Feeling emotionally trapped or victimized.


Bursting and pulsating throbbing pain. Worse morning, better by pressure. Pain in left forehead and heaviness worse by touch. Giddiness worse by sitting. Pain in forehead like pressure or  pain on side as if the head would explode.


Lids heavy and sore.  Pain in left eye better by pressure.


Sneezing dry in nature. Post nasal drip and thick catarrh clearing rapidly.


Acne, enormous, painful.  Prickly sensation on left side of face.


Very dry even with increased water intake.  Sore on side, tip of tongue, or cheek.  Tongue feel sore.


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