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Schwabe News Octuber to December 2016 Ephedra Vulgaris

Triumphant Conclusion: Mumbai-Based Motorist Team’s Unique Healing with Homeopathy Campaign

A motorist team led by a homeopathic doctor from Mumbai has successfully concluded the ground breaking “Heal with Homeopathy” campaign, which took place from July 23, 2022. The campaign covered a challenging route spanning Mumbai, Amritsar, Srinagar, Kargil, Ladakh, Leh, Chandigarh, and back to Mumbai, traversing some of the highest locations on their bikes. This pioneering campaign holds the distinction of being the world’s first homeopathy initiative conducted in such demanding circumstances, exploring breathtaking landscapes. The team expresses heartfelt gratitude for the overwhelming support and well wishes received, contributing to the resounding success of the campaign. The campaign’s social media posts were widely shared, spreading awareness about the power of homeopathy.

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Schwabe News Octuber to December 2016 Ephedra Vulgaris


Ephedra Vulgaris

It is native to Northern China and Mongolia. It is an evergreen shrub, growing up to 50cm with long narrow sprawling stems and tiny leaves. It is also found in alpine regions of Himalayas, Kashmir to Sikkim at high altitudes, Lahul, Spiti and Ledakh. It contains ephedrine, pseudo ephedrine; total alkaloid content may be as high as 2.8%. They are known broncho-dilators.

A homoeopathic tincture is made from the stem of the plant. It is covered by both: Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia of India and German Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia. It was proved by Dr. B. H. Mouravow. It has been clinically verified by CCRH in multiple centres and published in Indian Journal of Research in Homoeopathy Vol.  3, No.  3, July-September 2009. A combined material medica of this new clinical verification and existing data is given below:


Patient may have extreme apathy, anxiety and restlessness.


Tendency of falling due to vertigo.


Violent headache esp. forehead, nausea, general weakness; slow pulse. Rusting type of pain towards evening.  Left sided hemicrania with numbness of entire left arm.


Heavy eyes, starting from their orbits, as if pushed out, pain in the eye (after second dose on third day. On fifth day exophthalmos was increased). Discharge from eyes, thick; thin white aggravation in morning. Inflammation of conjunctiva.  Itching in eyes. Lachrymation. Redness of eye. Exophthalmos. 


Nose discharge thin watery. Sneezing.


Throat irritation pain in throat on swallowing.


Appetite diminished. Nausea during headache.


Dull pain in region of spleen.


Respiration difficult  worse from excessive perspiration, exertion. Difficult respiration with heaviness of eye and swelling of face. Tight and heaviness of the chest left side accompanied by restlessness.

Urinary Organs

From early morning great fatigue, retention of the urine (fourth day).


Abatement of pulse (from 68 to 62 in one case), notwith standing increased rapidity of action of heart. Strong heart-beat with weakening of pulse; respiration accelerated. Palpitation of heart with anxiety, worse from exertion, with perspiration.

Neck and Back

Stiffness of neck (with exophthalmos). Stiffness of neck and backward pulling of all the body on turning head and a dull pain in region of spleen.


Towards evening heaviness in all the limbs. Numbness and swelling of the ankle.  Numbness of entire left arm, with left side hemicrania. Numbness with trebling of extremities, worse in morning.





General weakness; from early morning great fatigue. Enlarged thyroid gland with painless suffocation. Darkness before eye with thyroid inflammation. Swelling of thyroid hard painful on pressure. Amaemia


Longing for sleep.


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Journal of Evidence Based Homeopathy
Volume: 1, Issue: 1, January - June 2023