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Schwabe News Octuber to December 2016 Asthma- Clinical Research work through homoeopathy


Asthma – A review of Clinical Research using homoeopathy

Recently review was conducted on published clinical researches on asthma. The publications were categorized based on study type and appraised according to study design with their clinical outcomes. 20 publications were found pertaining to asthma, 10 were selected consisting of observational studies and drug oriented studies. In controlling acute episodes of asthma the positive outcome has been seen. Less intensity of subsequent episodes and weaning of bronchodilators and other allopathic drugs have been reported.

Reference: Bindu Sharma, Ritika Hassija Narula, Raj K Manchanda, Homoeopathy for the management of Asthma – A review of Council’s Clinical Research, Year : 2015  |  Volume : 9  |  Issue : 2  |  Page : 69-78




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