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Homoeopathic treatment of respiratory illnesses in children – Schwabe India

Scientific reaffirmation of homoeopathic treatment of respiratory illnesses in children

There have been studies proving role of homoeopathy in respiratory problems in children in the past. This study was conducted again to prove the effectiveness of homoeopathic drug in upper respiratory infection (URI’s) in children. For first study children from 6 month to 11 years were selected which have been diagnosed acute otitis media and managed by antibiotic approach, were randomized to standard therapy alone or standard therapy plus a homoeopathic ear drop preparation. During the 12-15 day follow-up period, significantly fewer parents of children randomized to the homoeopathic ear drops group filled the antibiotic prescription compared to those of children receiving standard therapy alone. In the second study children suffering from URI of age 2-5 years were randomised to receive homoeopathic combination product and placebo. Patients were instructed to give medicine 6 times per day for three days to relief the URI symptoms. Parents recorded changes within 1hour after each dose. Those who are taking placebo received no change in the symptom after 1 hour.  Significant improvement reported in 3 of the 4 URI symptoms at 12 and 24 hours in homoeopathic group. These studies should encourage health care providers to utilize homoeopathy as an alternative to conventional therapies in the treatment of URI’s in children.

Reference: James A Taylor and Jennifer Jacobs, Department of Epidemiology, University of Washington School of Public Health and Community Medicine, USA, Homoeopathic treatment of respiratory illnesses in children: results from two randomized trials, Presented in: HRI Research Conference, Rome, 5-7 June 2015. Published in: Homoeopathy, February 2016Volume 105, Issue 1, Page 2.

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