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Alpha™- Liv Drops

Alpha – Liv Drops Due to high demand from the market, for a formulation in drops for the liver, apart from the syrup already available in the market, Schwabe India developed this product. Introduction The liver plays a key role in metabolism. It has anabolic and catabolic, exocrine and endocrine functions. The liver is a blood reservoir, filter and store of different substances (e.g. glycogen, vitamins). It is the site of serum protein (e.g. albumin, prothrombin, fibrinogen) and enzyme synthesis. Metabolic processes (e.g. bilirubin, hormone, carbohydrate and lipid turnover) and the removal of toxic products are important liver functions. 1 Hepatotoxins (e.g. alcohol, tetracycline, acetaminophen, fungal toxins, and anabolic steroids) can cause specific damage to liver cells. Toxic hepatitis may be clinically silent or severe enough to lead to the rapid development of hepatic failure. Clinical features include hepatomegaly, enzyme abnormalities, fever, abdominal pain, anorexia, nausea, vomiting and weight loss. In patients with underlying cirrhosis, manifestations of portal hypertension may predominate. Aversion to fatty food, abdominal discomfort, nausea and vomiting after meals may be symptoms of 2 cholelithiasis. Jaundice results from accumulation of bilirubin. It has non-hepatic as well as hepatic causes. Hyperbilirubinaemia may be due to abnormalities in the 3 formation, transport, metabolism or excretion of bilirubin. TM Alpha -Liv Drops aids recovery and normalisation of liver functions. Severe liver disease needs specialised treatment. Indications: Slow liver functions, fatty liver, and for supportive treatment of hepatocellular jaundice and toxic liver damage.

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Schwabe News Jan to June 2017 Proving & clinical verification Andrographis paniculata


Andrographis paniculata     

Andrographis paniculata is commonly known as Kalmegh.  This drug was proved by Central Council in Research in Homoeopathy in 6CH and 30CH potencies. It was a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study on 39 apparently healthy volunteers. Pre-trial medical examination of volunteers had been done by the medical specialists and routine laboratory investigations. Proving was conducted in 3 centres Drug Proving Research Unit (H), Kolkata, West Bengal, India, Drug Proving Research Unit (H), Midnapore, West Bengal, India, and Drug Proving Research Unit (H), Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India. It was published by Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy, New Delhi, India in Indian Journal of Research in Homoeopathy, Vol.  5, No. 2, April – June, 2011. Whole plant is used to prepare the mother tincture. A combined material medica of this new proving and other published data is given below.


With drowsiness, and weakness patient  rolls  his  head  towards  left. Sensation of nausea in forenoon. Pricking pain in right side of head at 7 pm, worse from touch and combing. Pain in head appears suddenly and violently,. Along with nausea and feeling of heaviness of  head more  on  right  side  and  slowly extends  over  the  whole  head. Head pain worse from motion and noise and better by tight bandage, warm application and lying quietly. Headache in forehead, throbbing type at midnight, relief by pressure.  Intense itching in occipital region without eruption worse in afternoon, amelioration by applying cold water.


Twitching of right eyelid.


Coryza with watery discharge; Sneezing in morning hours. Coryza with headache and bodyache. Watery excoriating discharge causing burning sensation in nose. Dryness of nose with sneezing and dry cough, agg. after eating, evening.  Blockage of right nostril, crusts, with pain in rit side of forehead relied by steam inhalation.



Aphthae in mouth, painful, whitish, solitary, ulcer with depressed round borders on right edge of tongue with burning pain, worse from cold drinks, talking, touch, and at night, relieved by warm drinks.

External Throat

Painful inflammation of left cervical lymph nodes with hardness, causing difficulty in deglutition of solid food and drinking. Inflammation of gland is associated with dry cough, worse in cold open air, night, ameliorated by warm drinks. Wandering pain from left to right side.


Appetite diminished especially at night. Nausea, vomiting of little quantity of watery fluid with loss of appetite. It is used in sluggish liver and dyspepsia associated with flatulent distension of abdomen. It is indicated in infantile liver and jaundice.


Pain in abdomen relieved by pressure. Pain in left side of abdomen with backache, amelioration by pressure.


Sudden urge for stool, 3-4 times. Intense pain in rectum during loose stool mixed with mucous. Tenesmus worse before stool and during loose stool with blood stained mucus, better after stool. Burning pain in anus before and after sticky, soft. stool with difficulty to evacuate and wash from the pan. Frequent watery,  loose  stool  with  no  smell associated  with  fever,  thirst,  restlessness,  sweat and anorexia.


Menstrual bleeding bright red, clotted. Dry cough with pain in chest aggravate morning with fever, loose stool.


Aching pain in right shoulder and left wrist joint, aggravation by motion, touch, night, better by warm application, resting of part.


Fever started at 11 pm and remained whole night.  Fever with watery nasal discharge, sneezing, burning in eyes and frontal headache. Fever associated with pain in jaw, hoarseness  of  voice,  loss  of  appetite, sleeplessness  and  weakness. Headache, bodyache, restlessness, weakness, anorexia, excessive thirst and desire to urinate in morning with nausea and loose stool better by warm drinks.


Lethargy and weakness.  General debility.


  1. Rajpal, Vinay Kr. Singh, B.N. Dutta, S. Das, P.C. Mal, A.K. Bhakat, R.K. Roy, C.P. Chaudhary, Andrographis paniculata – A multicentric, randomized, double-blind homoeopathic pathogenetic trial, Indian  Journal  of  Research  in  Homoeopathy, Vol.  5,  No.  2,  April  –  June,  2011
  2. K. Nadkarni, Indian Materia Medica, Edited by A. K. Nandkarni, Volume 1, Bombay Popular Prakashan, Mumbai – 34
  3. P. N. Varma, Indu Vaid, Encyclopaedia of Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia, Updated edition 2007, B. Jain Publishers, New Delhi.

Pioneering Health and Social Initiatives

Dr. Willmar Schwabe India’s Sanat Products division showcased their premium herbal extracts, including Curcumin and Ashwagandha, at Fi India 2023 in Mumbai, reinforcing their reputation for quality and innovation with certifications like ISO 9001:2015 and USFDA. Simultaneously, the Schwabe Group organized a 10KM Africa Run to support the Umckaloabo Foundation’s efforts in improving education for underprivileged children in southern Africa. Schwabe India also made notable strides at the Grand India International Trade Fair 2023, presenting their cutting-edge healthcare solutions and emphasizing the importance of global cooperation and innovation in today’s business landscape.

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Volume: 1, Issue: 1, January - June 2023

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