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Sanat Products Limited merged with Schwabe India – Schwabe News July – Dec 2020 & Jan – Dec 2021 – Schwabe India

Sanat Products Limited merged with Schwabe India

Schwabe India acquired Sanat Products Limited in 2020. On 1st September 2021 Sanat Products limited officially merged with Dr. Willmar Schwabe India Pvt. Ltd. Merger is the corporate strategy to combine with another company and operate as one legal entity. There are several benefits of merger like company will get larger market share. Merging reduces the cost of operations like bulk buying of raw materials, which can reduce the cost. Now the company can expand the business in different geographical areas. Sanat was an herbal products company with 3 different divisions viz. OTC products, bulk herbal extracts and ethical products in segments like oncology, dentistry, orthopedics, urology, etc. Merger gives Schwabe India to strategically expand its presence in all these divisions and segments. Its growth strategies are also aligned with the acquisition.

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