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Role of Solanum nigrum on gastric ulcer – Schwabe News Apr – Dec 2019 – Schwabe India

Role of Solanum nigrum on gastric ulcer

Recently a study has showed the action of Solanum nigrum on gastric ulcer. Extract of Solanum nigrum (SNE) fruit on cold restraint stress (CRU), indomethacin (IND), pyloric ligation (PL) and ethanol (EtOH) were injected in rat suffering from induced gastric ulcer. It is found that the drug significantly inhibited gastric ulcers lesion with equal or higher than omeprazole. Data showed CRU (76.6%), IND (73.8%), PL (80.1%) and EtOH (70.6%) positive result. SNE showed concomitant attenuation of gastric secretory volume, acidity and pepsin secretion in ulcerated rats. Apart from this SNE also increased healing of acetic acid induced ulcers after the treatment of 7 days. Results also indicate that the extract inhibits H+K+ATPase activity and decline gastric juice secretion. Histological findings showed severity of the reaction of ulcerogen and the reduction of ulcer size by SNE. Safety evaluation of SNE was also carried out which suggest antiulcer activity by blocking secretion through inhibition of H+K+ATPase.


Jainu M., Devi C.S.S, Antiulcerogenic and ulcer healing effects of Solanum nigrum (L.) on experimental ulcer models: Possible mechanism for the inhibition of acid formation, Journal of Ethnopharmacology, Volume 104, Issues 1–2, 8 March 2006, Pages 156–163

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