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Research news-Effect of Belladonna in the control of orthodontic separator pain

Effect of Belladonna in the control of orthodontic separator pain

The aim of this study was to find the efficacy of Belladonna in comparison with ibuprofen to control orthodontic pain during orthodontic separation. Patients of age between 20 and 35 years were included in this study. Among them 51 were females and 21 were males. Patients were randomly divided into two groups; one group was assigned to ibuprofen 400 mg and second group was allocated to Belladonna 6C group. Before placement of elastomeric separators in patients, two doses of medication of their respective group were given. Elastomeric separators were administered in the department and one dose 6h after the placement. Visual analogue scale (VAS) was used to measure the pain scores. VAS was a 10 cm scale with millimetre calibration to record their pain at the following intervals, 2 h after placement, 6 h after placement, bedtime, day 1 morning, day 2 morning, day 3 morning and day 5 morning. Comparisons at 2 h (P = 0.77), 6 h (0.073), 1 day (P = 0.120), 2 days (P = 0.283), 3 days (P = 0.363), 5 days (P = 0.622) and 7 days indicated that there was no difference between the two groups. Hence it was concluded that Ibuprofen and Belladonna 6C are effective and provided adequate analgesia with no statistically significant difference. Lack of adverse effects with Belladonna 6C makes it an effective and viable alternative.

Reference:  Harshal Ashok Patil, Jaswant Patil, Veerendra V Kerudi, Pratik Jaltare, Thaer Hamid, Jitendra S Sharan, Pawan kumar, Dnyandeo Tekale, Comparison of the efficacy of ibuprofen and belladonna in the control of orthodontic separator pain, Indian Journal of Research in Homoeopathy, Year: 2018, Volume : 12, Issue: 1, Page : 29-3.

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