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Rebranded Products Launched by Schwabe India – Schwabe News

Rebranded products launched by Schwabe India

Schwbae India rebranded 7 homoeopathic mother tinctures viz. Boldo, Muira puama, Berberis vulgaris, Hydrangea arborescens, Gambogia, and Ammi visnaga.  These are very frequently prescribed mother tinctures by homoeopathic physicians for day to day health problems. Boldo has a special affinity on gall bladder and cholelithiasis.Muira puama is found useful for sexual complaints like erectile dysfunction. For the kidney stone and hyperuricemia, Berberis vulgaris is one of leading homoeopathic mother tinctures. Hydrangea arborescens is also indicated for kidney stones and has good result in prostate complaints. From the long back Gambogia (Garcinia morella) is being used to manage obesity. It contains vitamin C. Studies found Ammi visnaga with UVA causing repigmentation. Several studies indicate its efficacy on inducing melanin pigments on the vitiligo patches because of its phyto-constituent, khellin. These mother tinctures have been relaunched by Schwabe India with unique labelling and outer box. The packs also contain an information leaflet on the remedies.


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