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Musca Domestica or House Fly Clinical Verfication – Schwabe India

Triumphant Conclusion: Mumbai-Based Motorist Team’s Unique Healing with Homeopathy Campaign

A motorist team led by a homeopathic doctor from Mumbai has successfully concluded the ground breaking “Heal with Homeopathy” campaign, which took place from July 23, 2022. The campaign covered a challenging route spanning Mumbai, Amritsar, Srinagar, Kargil, Ladakh, Leh, Chandigarh, and back to Mumbai, traversing some of the highest locations on their bikes. This pioneering campaign holds the distinction of being the world’s first homeopathy initiative conducted in such demanding circumstances, exploring breathtaking landscapes. The team expresses heartfelt gratitude for the overwhelming support and well wishes received, contributing to the resounding success of the campaign. The campaign’s social media posts were widely shared, spreading awareness about the power of homeopathy.

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Musca Domestica or House Fly Clinical Verfication – Schwabe India

Musca domestica

It is also known as house fly. The proving was conducted with 9 provers, 3 males and 6 females and published in the journal The American Homeopath, in June 2001. It was proved by Susan Sonz and Robert Stewart. Extracts from the proving is given to the readers to have a glance.


Desire for physical exercise. Delusion; as if he/she is being watched, died and alive again, 1000 fingers scratching his body, everything is dirty and foul, floating on a man’s back, things are beautiful, dead animals with insects eating out eyes.Impatient with children.Anxiety when alone, when driving from place to place, about health.


Pain in frontal region of head, from pressure, worse lying down, before menses.


Eyelid opens and shuts involuntarily. Difficulty in focusing. Dryness of the eye. Styes and discharge from the right eye. Blurry when reading.


Cutting, aching pain in both ears. Ringing noise in ear. Eruption; oozing in the earlobe.


Obstruction of nose with catarrh. Odour of chemicals in the air couldn’t breathe.


Painful eruptions oncorners of mouth, lower lip, forehead and eyebrows worse from touch.


Increased salivation with mumps. Taste as if lemon in the mouth. Bleeding gums. Sore chancre on tongue and lip.


Sensation of tightness in the throat. Sore throat, better by drinking tea. Pain in the left side sub-mandibular region.


Stomach upset better drinking cold water. Sharp pain in the stomach with eructation. Flashes of nausea. Sour eructations. Desire to bacon, beer, chocolate, sour food, cheese and vinegar. Aversion to water.


Constipation; must strain, insufficient, incomplete, unsatisfactory, stool with excessive flatulence and smelly. Dry, pasty, soft and loose stool.


Pinching pain in the testes. Increased sexual desire.


Boil on the labia. Increased sexual desire. Desire to do masturbation.


Pain in the nape neck, coccyx, with dull and throbbing pain. Tension in the neck and shoulders. Sensation of neck pulling to left. Sensation of gap in middle of the back; as if back were separated.


Pain and swelling in the breast, before menses. Painful nipples in men.Pain like radiating gas in the centre of chest.
Extremities Coldness of feet. Numbness and insensibility of both limbs, especially on waking. Aching of shoulders and upper arms. Cracking pain in the groin worse walking. Awkwardness of hands and lower limbs.


Unrefreshing; desire to sleep. Deep, soporific sleep.


Of abortion, sick babies, beaches, betrayal, disgusting, dying of cholera, picking sores until they bleed, and water.


Eruptions; boil in right upper back and cervical area.


Sensation of paralysis.Weakness in general with restlessness. Heaviness in general, externally and internally, alternating with lightness.


Aggravation during storm weather

Journal of Evidence Based Homeopathy
Volume: 1, Issue: 1, January - June 2023