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Parthenium as prophylactic for migraine – A report

Parthenium as prophylactic for migraine – A report

A double-blind placebo control study had been conducted for 4 months. 75 patients were randomly selected at the outdoor pain clinic and divided into two groups. Both the group for 2 months treated with Parthenium. In the second and third phases a double-blind placebo controlled cross over study was conducted for next 2 months.

It has been come to know that Parthenium significantly reduced the intensity of pain compared to placebo treatment. It has also reduced to the typical migraine symptoms in severity such as nausea, vomiting, sensitiveness to noise, and light.  When feverfew treated patient shifted to placebo group there is augmentation of the pain intensity as well as increase in the severity of the linked symptoms. There is reduction in symptoms and severity when placebo treated patient shifted to Parthenium treated group.

Reference: D. Palevitch, G Earon, R Carasso – Phytotherapy research, 1997 – Wiley Online Library.

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