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Hypothalamus 3x & 6x – Schwabe News Apr – Dec 2019 – Schwabe India

Hypothalamus 3x & 6x

Medicine prepared from the hypothalamus.

Clinical indications: Menstrual irregularity, epilepsy, headache, incontinence of urine, asthma, acne, alopecia, constipation.

Main indications:

  • Sweet character, loving, extremely sensitive and depressed.
  • Occipital headaches, accompanied by an intense feeling of sadness, aggravated in the evening.
  • Dyspnoea coming after suppressed menses
  • Thyroid disorder due to malfunction of pituitary and hypothalamus gland. 
  • Attack of bulimia (mental illness characterized by eats in an uncontrolled way and in large amounts) alternating with some phases of anorexia.
  • Insomnia due to fear of falling asleep lest they should never wake.
  • Sudden irresistible desire to sleep, generally short duration, but coming several times during the day.
  • Flatulence of very noisy gurgling, specially of the right side of the abdomen. 
  • Stubborn constipation, stool hard, black, very difficult to push out.
  • Severe dysmenorrhea, after physical or mental stress.
  • Baldness in women with clearing up of hair on the frontal edge.

Available in:

LATT: 3X & 6X 

Dilutions: 6CH, 12CH, 30CH, 200CH, 1M

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