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Editorial – Schwabe News July – Dec 2020 & Jan – Dec 2021 – Schwabe India

Triumphant Conclusion: Mumbai-Based Motorist Team’s Unique Healing with Homeopathy Campaign

A motorist team led by a homeopathic doctor from Mumbai has successfully concluded the ground breaking “Heal with Homeopathy” campaign, which took place from July 23, 2022. The campaign covered a challenging route spanning Mumbai, Amritsar, Srinagar, Kargil, Ladakh, Leh, Chandigarh, and back to Mumbai, traversing some of the highest locations on their bikes. This pioneering campaign holds the distinction of being the world’s first homeopathy initiative conducted in such demanding circumstances, exploring breathtaking landscapes. The team expresses heartfelt gratitude for the overwhelming support and well wishes received, contributing to the resounding success of the campaign. The campaign’s social media posts were widely shared, spreading awareness about the power of homeopathy.

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Editorial – Schwabe News July – Dec 2020 & Jan – Dec 2021 – Schwabe India


Dear Readers,
We have been undergoing turbulences in the last 2 years. There are many developments despite those challenges from COVID. Even though there is a gap between the last and this eNews Letter, we have come up with many new information. In the news section we are proudly announcing that the Sanat Product Limited, which was acquired recently, is now officially merged with Schwabe India. We have also covered the Schwabe India’s CSR initiative of distributing vendor cart to make daily wager independent along with other initiatives like MoU with RKG Group, SSAB meeting, etc.
Learning more about rare drugs is always fascinating and interesting. Alnus serrulata, Staphylococcinum, Galphimia glauca, and Amoora rohituka (Andersonia) are covered in the materia medica section. In the mother tinctures section, Ambrosia artemisiaefolia, Citrus limonum, Clerodendron infortunatum and Trichosanthes dioica are covered. Ambrosia artemisiaefolia is very effective remedy for the inflammation of mucous membrane. Citrus limonum is useful as anti-anemic, antimicrobial, anti-rheumatic, anti-sclerotic, antiseptic, bactericidal, carminative, cicatrisant, depurative, etc. Clerodendron infortunatum is chiefly used in gastric intestinal trouble. Trichosanthes dioica is used in malaria, kala-zar, nausea and vomiting.
Uses, efficacy and indications of Tussikind, Alpha-coff, Calciokind and Alpha-DP are discussed under product watch.
Animal study of our recently lunched product for joint pain has been discussed under research news. Apart from that efficacy of homoeopathy in HIV, post caesarean back pain and tonsillitis presented in research news.
Hope this issue would be informative.

Dr. R. Valavan


Journal of Evidence Based Homeopathy
Volume: 1, Issue: 1, January - June 2023