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Alpha™- Liv Drops

Alpha – Liv Drops Due to high demand from the market, for a formulation in drops for the liver, apart from the syrup already available in the market, Schwabe India developed this product. Introduction The liver plays a key role in metabolism. It has anabolic and catabolic, exocrine and endocrine functions. The liver is a blood reservoir, filter and store of different substances (e.g. glycogen, vitamins). It is the site of serum protein (e.g. albumin, prothrombin, fibrinogen) and enzyme synthesis. Metabolic processes (e.g. bilirubin, hormone, carbohydrate and lipid turnover) and the removal of toxic products are important liver functions. 1 Hepatotoxins (e.g. alcohol, tetracycline, acetaminophen, fungal toxins, and anabolic steroids) can cause specific damage to liver cells. Toxic hepatitis may be clinically silent or severe enough to lead to the rapid development of hepatic failure. Clinical features include hepatomegaly, enzyme abnormalities, fever, abdominal pain, anorexia, nausea, vomiting and weight loss. In patients with underlying cirrhosis, manifestations of portal hypertension may predominate. Aversion to fatty food, abdominal discomfort, nausea and vomiting after meals may be symptoms of 2 cholelithiasis. Jaundice results from accumulation of bilirubin. It has non-hepatic as well as hepatic causes. Hyperbilirubinaemia may be due to abnormalities in the 3 formation, transport, metabolism or excretion of bilirubin. TM Alpha -Liv Drops aids recovery and normalisation of liver functions. Severe liver disease needs specialised treatment. Indications: Slow liver functions, fatty liver, and for supportive treatment of hepatocellular jaundice and toxic liver damage.

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Editorial – Schwabe News – Jul-Sep 15


Schwabe News :: Volume 6 | Issue 7-9 | July – September 2015


This issue’s current news covers four different events. First is the CME programme organised by Schwabe India in Kolkata. Two notable personalities, an eminent jurist Justice A. K. Ganguli and a senior homoeopathic research official Dr. D. B. Sarkar, have honoured the occasion as guests. Two eminent speakers Dr. Sunirmal Sarkar and Dr. Anirban Sukul have given the lectures which were knowledgeable to the attendees. More than two hundred homoeopaths from all over West Bengal have attended the programme. Second is about the merit awards given by Schwabe India to the top 3 BHMS students of Dr. B. R. Sur Homoeopathic Medical College, Hospital and Research Centre, New Delhi. Third is about the workshop conducted at Delhi Board of Homoeopathic System of Medicine and the fourth is about the Schwabe India’s participation at the Indian Science Festival held at New Delhi.


Proving section covers Ginkgo biloba and Azadirachta indica. These two are relatively newer remedies. Their use is based on both traditional and recent research data in mother tincture and low potencies. Like many other remedies in homoeopathy, proving has provided lot many other indications in high potencies. Though they have been proved previously upto an extent, the new provings have given elaborated symptoms. A combined materia medica from both old and new provings is given.


Two rare drugs, Lemna minor and Duboisia myoporoides, have been given under Mother tincture info. Though they are covered by Boericke’s Materia Medica, they are not widely used. Just to equip the homoeopaths with these lesser known drugs, their scientific information have been compiled and presented.


Product watch covers Klimaktolan, perhaps the only product in homoeopathy for menopausal syndrome, and Silicea Pentarkan, perhaps the only product in homoeopathy for stretch marks. A recent study published on Klimaktolan confirms its anti-proliferative effect on breast cancer cells, which is covered under research news along with other studies on Lycopodium’s effect on memory and its nano-study and a study on nosodes.

Hope you will find this issue informative. You may drop in your feedback here:

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Dr. R. Valavan, BHMS, MD (Hom), MBA


Pioneering Health and Social Initiatives

Dr. Willmar Schwabe India’s Sanat Products division showcased their premium herbal extracts, including Curcumin and Ashwagandha, at Fi India 2023 in Mumbai, reinforcing their reputation for quality and innovation with certifications like ISO 9001:2015 and USFDA. Simultaneously, the Schwabe Group organized a 10KM Africa Run to support the Umckaloabo Foundation’s efforts in improving education for underprivileged children in southern Africa. Schwabe India also made notable strides at the Grand India International Trade Fair 2023, presenting their cutting-edge healthcare solutions and emphasizing the importance of global cooperation and innovation in today’s business landscape.

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Journal of Evidence Based Homeopathy
Volume: 1, Issue: 1, January - June 2023

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