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Editorial – Schwabe News Apr – Dec 2019 – Schwabe India



Under the current news section we have discussed about our new QC lab inauguration by Mr. Shripad Yesso Naik, Minister of AYUSH, new products launch, Schwabe Scientific Advisory Board (SSAB) meeting, CMEs/orientation/training programs for doctors, development of mini forest, free medical camps and student’s educational visit to schwabeIndia. A big bunch of news in this issue will sure make our readers to know more on how Schwabe India is marching ahead.

Many rare remedies have been covered under  materiamedica viz. Alchemilla vulgaris, Caesalpiniabonducella, Ferrumpicricum, Kali bicarbonicum and Pothosfoetidus.Alchemilla vulgaris is a drug for digestive & female ailments andCaesalpiniabonducella is a well-known Indian herb used for the enteric fever and gastric disturbance.Ferrumpicricum is indicated in failure of the function of an organ due to over exertion. It is also used for warts, corns and epithelial growths. Kali bicarbonicum has symptoms similar to Kali carbonicum and Kali bichromicum.Pothosfoetidus is well known for its work on asthma from dust.

Under mother tincture info we discussed aboutAnacardiumorientale, Cacao, Tinosporacordifolia, Phyllanthusniruri and Gautteriagaumeri.Anacardiumorientale is indicated in impaired memory, gastric disturbance, and skin diseases. It is one of the leading remedies for the students.Cacao is known for its action on arterial pressure. It also improves the digestion. Tinosporacordifolia is an Indian herb known as giloy. It is very frequently used to increase platelet count and also used for enteric fever.Phyllanthusniruri, a commonly found Indian herb,has efficacy on Liver & Kidney problems. In the recent researches Gautteriagaumeri is established with its efficacy to control hypercholesterolemia.

We have recently launchedmany new products including Rück-Pain, Olmuv, Ginkgo bilaba 1x (relaunch), Hypothalamus 3x & 6x, Oophorinum 3x & 6x, Orchitinum 3x & 6x and Pituitary gland 3x & 6x. Scientific informationdiscussed under product watch will be interesting to the readers.

Efficacy of homoeopathic medicines on PCOD, gastric ulcer and depression are presented under research news.

Hope this issue would be informative.

Thank you!


Dr. R. Valavan, BHMS, MD (Hom), MBA


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