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Editorial – Back Schwabe News Volume 4 | Issue 6 | June 2013


Schwabe News Volume 4 | Issue 6 | June 2013



Stem cell therapy is on the rise in many countries. It is in the rudimentary stage and it needs further research and long-term observation. Its success and utility are to be validated. On the other side, there are increasing reports on the side-effects of stem cell therapy. Medical fraternities and institutes have started concentrating on managing these side-effects. Study reports on the successful use of homoeopathy in managing these side-effects are convincing. To disseminate information to Schwabe News readers, a brief coverage on the side-effects of stem therapy and the possible role of homoeopathy are given under current news. The symptoms of the side-effects are repertorised with closely-related rubrics and the results are given. Another report from Press Information Bureau of India has also been covered.

Urtica urens is used in homoeopathy for urticaria, gout, uric acid diathesis and many other conditions. Recently its proving by Dr. David Riley with the supports of Schwabe Group has been published. A combined materia medica of this new proving along with old literature is presented to the readers under provings.

Under mother tincture info, a rare drug Ambrosia artemisiaefolia is reported. Its phytoconstituents, traditional use, modern usage and the indications covered by homoeopathic literatures are given. Though there are many drugs for hay fever and allergic rhinitis, this drug seems to instant relief when given in mother tincture and low potencies.

There are times when well-selected remedies fail to give relief even in easily managed symptoms of gastric problems. Gastrobin, a product of Schwabe Germany in existence of many decades, is familiar among homoeopaths and users of homoeopathy. The product is often over-demanded than the projected sales figures. The scientific literature of the product is given under product watch which would give an insight over the ingredients of the time-tested composition.

Research news covers three interesting papers. Anti-malarial potential of two well-known drugs Cinchona officinalis and Chelidonium in 30CH have been validated in mice model. The widely used drug for diabetes mellitus Syzygium jambolanum was studied on rat in carbohydrate and lipid metabolic disorders. The third study is a clinical study of the efficacy of individualised homoeopathic treatment in chronic tension-type headache.

Hope you will find this issue informative.


Dr. R. Valavan, BHMS, MD (Hom)


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