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Alpha™- Liv Drops

Alpha – Liv Drops Due to high demand from the market, for a formulation in drops for the liver, apart from the syrup already available in the market, Schwabe India developed this product. Introduction The liver plays a key role in metabolism. It has anabolic and catabolic, exocrine and endocrine functions. The liver is a blood reservoir, filter and store of different substances (e.g. glycogen, vitamins). It is the site of serum protein (e.g. albumin, prothrombin, fibrinogen) and enzyme synthesis. Metabolic processes (e.g. bilirubin, hormone, carbohydrate and lipid turnover) and the removal of toxic products are important liver functions. 1 Hepatotoxins (e.g. alcohol, tetracycline, acetaminophen, fungal toxins, and anabolic steroids) can cause specific damage to liver cells. Toxic hepatitis may be clinically silent or severe enough to lead to the rapid development of hepatic failure. Clinical features include hepatomegaly, enzyme abnormalities, fever, abdominal pain, anorexia, nausea, vomiting and weight loss. In patients with underlying cirrhosis, manifestations of portal hypertension may predominate. Aversion to fatty food, abdominal discomfort, nausea and vomiting after meals may be symptoms of 2 cholelithiasis. Jaundice results from accumulation of bilirubin. It has non-hepatic as well as hepatic causes. Hyperbilirubinaemia may be due to abnormalities in the 3 formation, transport, metabolism or excretion of bilirubin. TM Alpha -Liv Drops aids recovery and normalisation of liver functions. Severe liver disease needs specialised treatment. Indications: Slow liver functions, fatty liver, and for supportive treatment of hepatocellular jaundice and toxic liver damage.

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Editorial – Schwabe News Volume 4 | Issue 10-12 | October – December 2013


Schwabe News Volume 4 | Issue 10-12 | October – December 2013



Dr. Willmar Schwabe has been exporting its homoeopathic products from Germany to all over the world and its products have been in the undivided Indian market since over a century ago. When the country was divided during independence, their export had continued to the subcontinent. Recently, Schwabe had celebrated completion of 60 years of good business in Pakistan. It was a grant event organised jointly by Schwabe Germany and its four importers of Pakistan. It is covered under current news along with reports on the visit of around 1000 budding doctors and teaching faculties to Schwabe India modern manufacturing facility. They have recorded in our visitor book as “good learning” for them.

Continuing the series of provings by Schwabe Group, in this issue we have covered a recent proving on Luffa operculata. Though it has already been mentioned in a rubric of Boricke’s Repertory, its first homoeopathic symptomatology was communicated by Dr. Willmar Schwabe. Then it was covered by O. A. Julian and others. A combined materia medica of all proving and clinical reports along with the recent proving has been given under Provings.

A rather rarely known mother tincture Anagalis arvensis has been used for skin conditions with itching and tingling, tissue softening, destroyal of warts, and with mental like hilarity and hydrophobias. Recent studies have explored many of its activities including inhibition of herpes and poliomyelitis virus, which have attracted many researches. The details of this mother tincture has been given under mother tincture info.

A product which has been used by many parents for the proper growth of their infants is Essentia Infantia. It helps proper absorption of essential minerals, takes care of their deficiency, regulates digestive systems, etc. As the name indicates, it is essential to give to the infants. The drug profile has been covered under product watch.

This issue research news covers a clinical observation, a basic study on gene expression, and a social study on the self-medication. These diversified studies, I hope, it will find favour with those interested in mode of action of homoeopathic medicines and research knowledge seekers.

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Dr. R. Valavan, BHMS, MD (Hom), MBA


Recent Advancements in Basic Homeopathic Research – A Reporton Two Significant Publications

Author: Snigdha Suman Dalua , Praveen Kumar Singh In a study conducted at the Experimental Farm of the State University of Santa Catarina, Brazil, researchers investigated the impact of homeopathic treatments on piglets during the nursery phase. The study aimed to determine whether homeopathic agents could reduce fighting behavior, improve growth performance, and affect hematological, metabolic, and oxidative variables.

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Journal of Evidence Based Homeopathy
Volume: 1, Issue: 1, January - June 2023

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