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Treat The Problem Of Skin Rashes With Homeopathy

A skin rash can be painful, itchy and at times causes irritation to various body parts with other symptoms. These rashes are any skin inflammation that distorts the healthy appearance of skin. Some of the common rashes are Eczema, Poison ivy, hives, etc. These skin rashes are mostly formed due to fungal, bacterial, parasitic or viral infections.

Eczema is often known as Atopic Dermatitis. It is a common disorder which produces itchiness, weeping rashes on the elbows, back of the knees, neck, wrists, redness of skin with dry, scaly and crusted formations of cells. Psoriasis is a skin condition that causes dry white or gray flakes of dead skin to appear on the scalp of hair.

Mostly skin rashes and allergens are caused due to an irritant or allergen or due to the environmental factors such as- cosmetic ingredients, certain metals, rubber, textiles, plants, certain types of foods, sunburn, etc. With a family history of allergies, stress, skin irritants from soaps, skin care products or some fabrics, allergens, and climate. These symptoms get worse day by day.

Here we are discussing few great homeopathy medicine for skin rashes that are efficient and safe for your sensitive skin.

1. Graphite- is an excellent solution for many kinds of skin rashes. Graphite treats the rashes that are very moist, scabby and crusty that ooze out a sticky substance. It causes itching you keep scratching it again and again. The flaky parts usually occur between the fingers, behind the ears, at the bends of joints.
2. Rhus Toxicodendron- It reduces the intense itching, tickling, burning, prickling, blisters surrounded by red skin. If you are, feeling restless and worse during the night then take Rhus Tox.
3. Sulphur- Sulphur is the most useful homeopathy medicine for skin rashes that causes excessive itching and burning that get worse during the night time. The skin becomes rough, dry and peeling. When you feel relieved at the time something cold is applied to the area.
4. Sepia- It works well for a rash with blisters on the skin that has turned yellow or brown. At first, the blisters are dry, then become moist and discharge a liquid. They are mostly seen in the bends of joints of elbows and knees.
5. Natrum Mur- It is the best medicine for the dry Eczema that is present at the edges of the hairy scalp or in bends of joints like elbow or knee joint. The affected area is noticed red and inflamed.

Other than curing your skin problems with homeopathy. We advise to reduce stress and choose skin friendly products for the skin. Keep it frequently moisturized with homeopathic skin care products. If, you have frequent signs of skin rashes and symptoms then avoid traveling to humid and hot temperature places. Avoid the situations that cause sweating and overheating.

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