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How to find authentic homeopathic medicines online?

In this era of internet where everything is available through internet, everyone wants to complete their necessities in just a click. And in this run, even the homeopathic medicine world is not lagging behind as per the demand. Along with the rising no of online treatment and online medicines, dilemma of choosing authentic products is also rising.

As the online market for homeopathic medicines is flourishing, so is the increasing chance of having unauthentic sources. There are chances that some fake sources might give you undesirable experience with sub-standard products in the name of medicines. So, here arises this question, that is, how to find authentic homeopathic medicines online? There are some ways to reach out and buy homeopathic medicine online India more authentically.

  • GMP is one of the important criteria to find quality products in pharmaceutical industry. For this purpose, initially in July 1969, WHO (World Health Organization) at its 22nd Health Assembly laid the importance of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) which has been well accepted worldwide and became a common practice in the pharmaceutical industry.
    • GMP is a production and testing practice that helps to ensure a quality product. These guidelines are not prescriptive instructions on how to manufacture products. These are a series of general principles that must be observed during manufacturing. When a company is setting up its quality program and manufacturing process, there may be many ways it can fulfill GMP requirements. It is the company’s responsibility to determine the most effective and efficient quality process and premises.
    • It details standards on location, surrounding, building, plant & equipment, quality control, raw material, procedures, etc. to ensure that the consumer gets high quality products as per the prescribed standards laid by the Govt.
    • Initially this standardization came into practice only for Allopathy and Ayurveda streams. But later in October 2006 the Government of India notified G.M.P. rules for all Homoeopathic manufacturers. Thereafter it came into practice from November 2008.
  • Homoeopathic GMP plays a vital role in the preparation of Homeopathic medicines as the therapeutic doses of these medicines are very minute. Hence any contamination in it can reduce their efficacy and may obscure their therapeutic action as well. Hence excessive cleanliness and strict maintenance of the code of conduct are the foremost things to be adopted while manufacturing homeopathic medicines.
  • Hence another need to adopt GMP in Homeopathic medicines preparation, comes under the right of consumers. As they are spending their money, they should receive the best quality medicines and the manufacturers are liable for the same. But how they can be assured that they are getting the authentic homeopathic medicines?
  • Answer to this question is, that these companies are bound to keep documented proof for the same. Also, there are regular inspections and surprise visits for the checking of the maintenance.
  • So, before buying medicines online, consumer should check if the manufacturing company is GMP certified or not.
  • Buyer should also check the date of manufacturing and date of expiry on the medicine before consuming.
  • They should check the logo of the company before purchasing the medicine.
  • Background and history of the organization will also be helpful.
  • Age of the manufacturer and the reputation in quality will give indication to the authenticity. Older the organization indicate more authenticity.

Conclusion: Along with the rising number of online treatment and online medicines, dilemma of choosing authentic products is also rising. As the online market for homeopathic medicines is flourishing, so is the chances of having fraud are also increasing. So, in this scenario the consumer should be aware of the points which makes a homeopathic medicine authentic. Out of them, the foremost point is to search for the GMP certified companies only. Then they should check the logo of the company if you are buying from any website other than the company?s website. Also, after the delivery of the product, consumer should check for the manufacturing and the expiry dates on the medicine.

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