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Homeopathy For The Heat

It is summer now and we should remember that extreme heat could have a negative impact on our health. People with chronic diseases such as heart disease and emphysema are at higher risk. The main concern is Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke.
Heat exhaustion occurs when your body gets too hot. If you are exposed to high temperatures for a long time and then you don’t replace the fluids you lose, the body systems then cannot regulate the temperature. Heat stroke occurs when your body loses its tendency to cool down anymore. This can be very serious.

How Can Homeopathy Help?

Homeopathy can be very helpful in cases of heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Some remedies that may be useful are:

This is one of the top remedies to consider in heat stroke. If a person has the following symptoms- eyes fixed without expression, glassy eyes, pupils contracted, pulse either barely perceptible or so quick it can’t be counted, loss of speech, face pale, white or yellowish-red; cold sweat, body cold and head hot to the touch, then Glonoine is the best medicine to take.

Belladonna is again one of the best medicines for heat stroke. It is usually confused with Glonoine as the symptoms for both of them are somewhat similar. Both of them have a cold body with a hot head, fixed or staring eyes etc. However, if you see dilated pupils, then you may opt for Belladonna. In addition, the face typically turns red.

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Aconite can be useful when there is presence of heat in the whole body, hard and full pulse. One way to differentiate Aconite is its characteristic symptoms of anxiety and restlessness.

Along with taking these medicines, it is recommended that you take cold-water showers and apply B&T Cool Talc. Try to cover your head whenever you head out. Also, keep your body hydrated.

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