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Homeopathic Medicines to Help You Survive Summer Season

The season of summer is here again and we all know how much the heat in summer can be dangerous. Heat headaches are very much common and are often the first clue that you have entered the danger zone. Homeopathic medicines are very much effective in battling the heat as efficiently as possible. Here are some helpful keynotes to homeopathic remedies that can ease your headache, sunburn and other hot weather symptoms.

Belladonna – It is considered as the best medicine for heat. If you are suffering from dilated pupils, a throbbing headache, radiating heat with little or no sweat then you must instantly take this medicine. A cold compress to the head may feel the most soothing.

Bryonia – You might prefer this if a worse-with-motion frontal headache sets in. Bryonia is the medicine, which will save your day.

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Ferrum phos – This homeopathic remedy relieves heat related headaches accompanied with physical weakness, fatigue and other similar symptoms.

Lachesis – It is a very cooling homeopathic remedy. Hot flashes, hot sweats, hot heavy headaches and the fatigue that follows heat, all can be very well treated with this medicine.

Pulsatilla – If you are suffering from pressing ‘as if bruised’ throbbing headaches then Pulsatilla is the medicine for you.

Along with these medicines, make sure that you stay away from heat, drink lots of water and electrolyte drinks, and take cool refreshing baths with a refreshing cool bathing bar. Take care of your health this summer by taking a little extra care.

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