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7 Helpful Tips To Love Your Hair At Every Stage

Hair is the primary feature of our body and is the second thing that catches the eyes after the face. The style and beauty of the hair immediately grabs the attention of an onlooker from behind. But the change of season and too much exposure to the sun confronts issues such as hair fall, dandruff, and damaged hair. By the end of the day, one starts hating the hair to such an extent that one starts thinking (or even) of cutting down the long tresses to short or manageable bob cuts.

Here, we have a few tips to avoid such situations. All you have to do is follow these guidelines and get best hair oil for hair growth:

1) First, identify the type of hair you have. Are they dry, oily or combination based and then categorize the shampoo. Lack of knowledge may lead you to buy the wrong shampoo which may result in breakage, hair fall, and other issues.

2) Next is the shape of the hair. Curly, straight or wavy All of them require individual maintenance. But one advice is common for all of them, AVOID BLOW-DRY. It causes damage to the hairs. For curly hair, use combs with wider tooth and do not towel them for long. It will make them frizzier. The wavy hair is manageable to some extent. People with straight hair should avoid the usage of oily and greasy products. Minimal use of conditioner is generally advised.

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3) Protect your hair from dust if you are traveling by two wheeler or a public transport. The dust plays an important role in damaging the hair. It results in frizzier, drier, greasier and dandruff filled hair so cover your head as much as possible by a piece of cloth or a stylish scarf.

4) Maintain the length of your hair by trimming out the split ends. Avoid the graying by using a paste of amla and shikakai once in a week. Brush your hair twice a day to remove tangles. Also, keep a rubber-band or any other hair-accessory handy all the time to bind them if the need arises.

5) Styling your hair as per your routine requirements or for a special occasion is unavoidable. But try to avoid the styles which require hot iron, curler, dryer, and serums. Using best hair oil for hair growth gives your hair shine, luster and length.

6) For dry hair use a combination of oil and eggs to give protein and nourishment. This mask can be applied weekly. For oily hair using the juice of lemon works wonders.

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