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10 Hidden Benefits of Alfalfa tonic

Alfalfa tonic is a combination of Homoeopathic medicines which are well proved and has been verified clinically. It serves as a natural source for essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients and thus promotes health physically as well as mentally.

It consists of well proven Homoeopathic medicines which are indicated for poor appetite, weakness, debilitating diseases and their aftereffects. These medicines are Acidum phosphoricum, Alfalfa (Medicago sativa), Avena sativa, Cinchona officinalis, Cinnamonum ceylanicum, Hydrastis canadensis, Kali arsenicosum and Nux vomica.

Hence it is used in conditions where there is marked weakness and wasting of muscles and after diseases, during the recovery phase, to get a faster recovery which has been verified clinically. The common debilitating diseases for which it can be given are tuberculosis, diabetes mellitus, typhoid, malaria, diarrhoea, etc.

This tonic is especially useful for kids. As their immunity is low and due to their poor eating habits, they are more prone to have such problems; for example poor appetite, diarrhea, malnutrition, etc. It acts wonderfully in these cases and gives your child the strength to recover and fight from the diseases.

Besides improving the appetite and eliminating weakness, the following are 10 hidden benefits of Alfalfa tonic

1. improves stamina

It improves the stamina and hence indicated for neurasthenia, nervousness and insomnia especially which occurs after some debilitating or exhausting diseases. It acts as a fat producer and corrects tissue waste eliminating process.

2. Improves loose stools

Improves the tendency of frequent loose stools which leads to decreased assimilation of food by the body and hence weakness and debility.

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3. Reduces Dullness

Reduces the dullness and gloominess along with irritability in children as well as in elderly people.

4. Useful for lactating mothers

Useful for lactating mothers in whom the quality and quantity of milk gets diminished due to poor assimilation of nutrients by the body. It increases both the quantity as well as quality of the milk.

5. Helps to improve the concentration power

Removes the bad effects of modern medicines taken during the treatment of previous illness after which a debilitating state of the body arises.

6. Help in Insomnia

For unrefreshing sleep and insomnia with the feeling of drowsiness after exhausting diseases.

7. improve digestion

Reduces flatulence and its associated abdominal pain by improving digestion power and hence reducing bloating of abdomen. Reduces exhausted feeling due to loss of vital fluids and loss of appetite.

8. Headache

For headache with throbbing sensation which remains after loss of vital fluids from the body or after debilitating diseases.

9. helps to remove cramps

It helps to remove cramps and neuralgic pains especially which remains after diseases due to deficiency of nutrients in the body. For the effects of chronic anemia due to defective assimilation of nutrients. In dysfunction of body due to fatty food, after alcohol, over indulgence in sexual activity with a feeling of dullness.

10. Helps to keep skin healthy

Helps to keep the skin healthy and maintains the moisture of skin by removing the dryness and itching which develops due to poor nutrition and after diseases causing loss of vital fluids from the body.


Alfalfa Tonic is a useful medicine which promotes health by improving appetite. This is achieved by a number of factors which are inter-linked such as improving the digestive power of our body and hence proper assimilation of nutrients and reduction in the tendency of loose stools or constipation. Also improves the fighting power of our immune system and keep the skin healthy by maintaining its moisture and preventing dryness.

It helps in the recovery of health after diseases which are debilitating like typhoid, tuberculosis etc. and leaves the body in a weaker state vulnerable to infections. Improves the stamina of the body along with the improvement in mental health.

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