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Strophanthus hispidus CH

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Strophanthus hispidus is made from genuine raw materials, back potency and expensive and purest form of alcohol, namely Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA).

The use of genuine raw materials, back potency and expensive and purest form of alcohol, namely Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA) make Schwabe India dilutions superior to other dilutions available in the market. Extra Neutral Alcohol guarantees that the dilutions and mother tinctures are free from impurities. Drug potentisation is done using the Hahnemannian method, which was introduced by Dr. Hahnemann himself and followed by Dr. Willmar Schwabe from the beginning.

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6CH 30ml, 12CH 30ml, 30CH 30ml, 200CH 30ml, 1M 30ml

This remedy mostly acts on the heart and helps for gastric distress. It has no cumulative effects. It has a great action on greater diuretic, and is safer for the aged persons and also helps for vasomotor problems. In pneumonia and in severe prostration from haemorrhage after operations and acute diseases. After the long use of stimulants; irritable heart of tobacco-smokers. Deposition of fats in artery wall. Rigid arteries of aged. Restores tone to a brittle tissue, especially of the heart muscle and valves. Especially useful in failing compensation dependent upon fatty heart. It helps to increases the contractile power of all striped muscles.

Head : Pain at temporal region of head with double vision. Impaired sight. Flushed face. Senile vertigo.

Throat : Enlargement of thyroid gland.

Stomach : Nausea with special craving for alcohol.

Urinary : Increased secretion of urine. Scanty and albuminous urine.

Female : Aching pain through hips and thighs during climacteric conditions. Abnormal heavy bleeding during menses. Uterine haemorrhage occurs. Uterus heavily congested.

Respiratory : Bronchial and cardiac asthma. Difficulty in breathing especially on ascending. Lungs congested. swelling of lungs.

Heart : Heart action weak, rapid irregular, due to muscular debility; and insufficiency. Cardiac pain. It helps to increase the systole pressure and diminishes the rapidity. It helps to regulate the tone of the heart, and run off dropsical accumulations. It can be given for weak heart. it feels enlarged. In mitral regurgitation, where oedema and dropsy conditions. Pulse quickened.

Skin : Rashes all over the body. Round healing especially more chronic forms.
Extremities : Swollen at limbs. Dropsical swelling in lower limbs.

Dosage : Please note that the dosage of single homoeopathic medicine varies from drug to drug depending upon the condition, age sensitivity and other things, In some cases they are give as regular doses as 3-5 drops 2-3 times a day whereas in other cases they are given only once in a week, month or even in a long period. We strongly recommend that the medication should be taken as per the physician?s advice.

Manufactured in India by Dr. Willmar Schwabe India Pvt. Ltd. A-36, Sector-60, Uttar Pradesh, Noida – 201304.

Country of Origin: India.

Registered office Address: Dr. Willmar Schwabe India Pvt. Ltd. H-36, Green Park Extension, New Delhi, Pin: 110016.


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