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Prescribed in the treatment of:

  • acidity
  • epilepsy
  • headache
  • inter-menstrual flow
  • oedema
  • physometra
  • somnambulism
  • worms


Medicine prepared from exposing the vehicle into moonlight. Useful in complaints from the influence of the moonlight especially when the symptoms worse during full moon or new moon.
Sphere of action: Central nervous system, mind, head, eyes, digestive system, female sexual organs and musculoskeletal system.
Clarke’s clinical indications: Acidity, epilepsy, headache, inter-menstrual flow, oedema, physometra, somnambulism and worms.

Main indications:

  • Epilepsy worse at full moon (Silicea)
  • Sad, depressed and irritability especially around new or full moon
  • Headache, congestion of blood to head with sensation of great fullness, 8 a.m. Clarke has reported that severe frontal headache during menses speedily cured with 1M.
  • Weakness of eyes and feeling of sand. Sharp stinging sensation. Swelling of eyelids and profuse discharge of purulent matter with a painful smarting and profuse lachrymation; without heat, or change of colour.
  • Sour eructation, flatulency with burning in stomach, especially in people working in night shifts.
  • Sharp pains fly from vagina through abdomen, better by passing flatus from vagina. Itching of labia majora extending into vagina, better bathing with cold water.

Rare and uncommon indication / modality
Generally complaints worse after sleep and from milk. The pains better in open air, by cold-application, by eructation and by passing flatus from vagina.

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