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Ignatia amara LM


Ignatia amara LM potency is made from genuine raw materials, back potency, expensive and purest form of alcohol, namely Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA) and high quality globules

Useful in people who are hyperactive of all the senses and a likeliness to muscle contractions and spasms. The emotional element is the main function and the coordination is dealt with making it one of the chief remedies for hysteria. The states that fall in this sphere are temperaments of women, excited nature, quick in execution, rapid change of the mental and physical condition which are opposite to each other, alertness, apprehensiveness, trembling patients who suffer acutely in body or mind, grief and worry and hysterical vomiting.

Mind – Covers changes in mood, gloominess, not willing to talk to anyone, sighing and sobbing, grief, disappointment and silent murmuring.

Eyes – Keeps a check on severe flickering and eye strain with attacks and pain in the eyes.

Face – Twitching of the muscles of the face and lips and likeliness to change colors when at rest.

Mouth – It is an effective medicine for sour taste, toothache which elevates after drinking coffee and smoking and the mouth is constantly full of saliva and easily bite the inside of cheeks.

Abdomen – The remedy covers the movement in the bowels, weakness and throbbing in the abdomen and pain in one or both sides of abdomen.

Urine –Profuse and watery discharge

Extremities –Treats pain in the calves, jerking of the limbs and inflammation/ulcerative pain in the soles.

Sleep – It is an effective medicine for sleeplessness from grief, itching of the arms and constant yawning and jerking of limbs on going on to sleep.

Fever – As per literature, this remedy treats coldness along with thirst which is not relieved by external heat. During fever, the patient may with itching and rashes all over the body.

Skin – People with symptoms such as sensitiveness to draught of air, itching, rashes and damage around the vagina and mouth.

Other symptoms can be found in –
1. Throat
2. Stomach
3. Females
4. Respiratory organs
5. Rectum
6. Head

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Frequently asked questions:

What is Ignatia amara LM?

Ignatia amara LM is fifty Millesimal potency prepared from the Homoeopathic remedy Ignatia amara which is obtained from herb Ignatia amara. It is commonly known as St. Ignatius Bean. It is helpful in complaints like anxiety, haemorrhoids, melancholia, locomotor ataxia, epilepsy, spinal irritation, headache, hiccough, etc.

What are uses/benefits of Ignatia amara LM?

Ignatia amara LM is indicated for hysterical and nervous affections with extreme emotional disturbances, effects of grief and worry, spasmodic hiccough and hysterical vomiting. Depending upon the individualization of case, it is also used for other problems by homoeopathic physicians.

How to use Ignatia amara LM?

It is to be taken as an internal medicine. Please note that the dosage of single homoeopathic medicines varies from drug to drug depending upon the condition, age, sensitivity and other things. It is normally suggested by homoeopathic physicians to dissolve a few small poppy size globules /pills in some water and to be taken as 1-2 teaspoon 2-3 times or even more oftener daily. We strongly recommend that the medication should be taken as per the physician?s advice.

What are the side effects of Ignatia amara LM?

No known side effects reported.

What precautions to take before using Ignatia amara LM?


How long should I take Ignatia amara LM?

Until the symptoms improve or as per the Physicians prescription.

Is Ignatia amara LM safe for children?


Is it safe to use Ignatia amara LM during pregnancy?


Manufactured in India by Dr. Willmar Schwabe India Pvt. Ltd. A-36, Sector-60, Uttar Pradesh, Noida – 201304.

Country of Origin: India.

Registered office Address: Dr. Willmar Schwabe India Pvt. Ltd. H-36, Green Park Extension, New Delhi, Pin: 110016.


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