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Hedera helix Q is made from the authentic raw material

In the science of homeopathic medicine, the healing remedies are made out of a vast number of raw materials. One category of these sources is the plant kingdom. Not only is the medicine prepared from each plant different from the other, but different species of the same plant family also give rise to differing medicinal substances. This is simply a testament to the homeopathic concept that there are no surrogates in medicine, that is, no one medicine can completely take over the entire sphere of action of another.

One such plant source is ivy. Poison ivy and garden ivy are different to each other, as are the homeopathic medicines Rhus Tox and Hedera Helix. Just like Rhus Tox, the Hedera helix homeopathy uses are many. Read on to find out about these uses as well as the benefits of Hedera helix cough medicine.

Hedera helix is the common garden ivy found in most abundance in Europe and western Asia. It is also called English ivy, European ivy, or may simply be called ivy. It is a vine, a climber that is rampantly found growing up on doors, walls or trees. When there is a lack of vertical support to climb on, the plant grows horizontally on the ground covering up massive areas. It is an evergreen plant that flowers from late summer to late autumn.

Hedera helix is widely used as an ornamental plant. It is also a great tool to attract wildlife like bees and even deer. Growing ivy on walls also helps cool down buildings in summer and in turn provide an insulator cover in winters. Other uses can be to control weeds and also, simply to beautify a structure.

Traditionally, ivy has been used as a cough medicine. In older times in Europe, leaves and berries were taken to treat cough and bronchial troubles. It worked as an expectorant in cases of cough. It is also capable of causing severe itching and rashes on exposure in some people. This is called contact dermatitis; it is a type of allergic response that does not occur in all individuals. People have also used Hedera helix in the from of a wash for irritated eyes as it has a soothing effect.

In homeopathy, Hedera helix mother tincture is made out of young shoots and flowering twigs. Mother tincture is a solution that is infused with the raw materials (of the medicine source) and is preserved according to homeopathic principles. The medicine may also be used in different potencies as per the discretion of the physician. Clinical uses of the medicine include cataract, chronic hydrocephalus, cerebrospinal conditions, rhinorrhea as well as the nutrient deficiency called rickets. Dr Cooper has recounted a case of a child with rickets who was cured by the employment of Hedera helix. Babies who present with large heads due to a long standing hydrocephalus react favorably to this medicine. In Boericke’s materia medica Hedera helix is mentioned to cure delirium and chronic convulsions. It also acts on the blood vessels and cures excessive uterine bleeding, that is, prolonged and heavy periods. The medicine is also useful in cases of dermatitis and irritated skin with itching and rashes as mentioned above.

Hedera helix mother tincture is normally taken by mixing ten to fifteen drops of the medicine in half a cup of normal water twice or thrice a day. The treatment may need to be continued from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the stage of disease and how chronic it has become. Like most homeopathic medicines there are no side effects in moderate doses. It can also be continued along with allopathic medication in cases where conventional allopathic medicines play the role of life saving drugs. Hedera helix may also be prescribed with other homeopathic remedies as needed, for example with tissue remedies or others. If you have been prescribed two homeopathic remedies generally a gap of ten minutes between the two is sufficient for both of their effects to take place.

In case you find yourself suffering from any of the above mentioned symptoms of Hedera helix, it is imperative to consult your homeopathic physician to get the right medicine prescribed in the right dosage. Despite the fact that homeopathic medicines do not cause any adverse effects, adequate dosage and quantity of medicine is necessary to get the best results. Generally speaking, all sorts of food and drink should be avoided a minimum of fifteen minutes before and after taking a homeopathic medicine. It is best to store the medicine away from sunlight and in a cool place. Exposure to heat and sunlight may cause froth to appear in the medicine and in this case, it is no longer safe for consumption.

Schwabe India manufactures the complete range of homeopathic medicines and Hedera helix is no exception. The medicine is prepared as per standard instructions given in homeopathic literature. The quality of the medicine depends upon the quality of the raw materials, the efficacy of all processes required in its preparation, careful calibration and standardization of the equipment used, and adequate storage facilities. All of these and more are vigorously monitored at the labs of Schwabe India. The end result is an effective and trustworthy medicine that acts up to its full potential and gives beneficial results in minimum time. The medicine can be procured at any authorized homeopathic dispensary or even online at the website of Schwabe India.

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