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The homeopathic system of medicines is a very good option for child health care as it is very safe and equally effective in its action. They are mild and are easily assimilated without causing any liver or drug toxicity. The Kindi range of products from Schwabe India are specially formulated medicinal combinations that are exclusively designed carefully for children including infants which are easy to dispense, mild and effective and caters to their taste as the base is made of very high quality of lactose.
Kindi Range of products cover a wide range of problems such as anaemia, abdominal colic, digestive problems, teething problems, cough, cold, running nose, bedwetting, weak immunity etc. in children. They stimulate the normal bodily functions and improve the immunity of the children.

The Kindi range of products include:

Anekind: It is one of the best homeopathic medicines for anemia and weakness in children. It corrects anemia by ensuring proper digestion of food and absorption of iron and other minerals. It also enhances the production of RBC and haemoglobin. It is also useful during convalescence after any fever or illness.

Colikind: It is a very effective homeopathic medicine for complaints of indigestion in children such as abdominal colic, flatulence and distension of abdomen. It is very useful in infants who are bottle-fed from the beginning. It improves digestion and prevents distention, irritability, acidity, etc. It helps to relieve flatus.

Enukind: It is one of the best homeopathic medicines for treating bedwetting problems in children. It acts on the bladder, strengthens the muscles and regulates the flow and frequency of urination. It also helps in treating the fear, anxiety, mental irritability and nervousness due to nocturnal enuresis.

Kindigest: It is a homeopathic medicine for indigestion in children. It is a homeopathic combination of medicine that enhances and regulates digestion in children and infants. It is very useful in treating infections of the digestive tract, disorders in assimilation and absorption of food. It can be given for symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea or loss of appetite as a result of indigestion.

Kindival: It is a homeopathic medicine which is very useful for treating hyperactivity and sleeping troubles in infants and children. It can be given for a wide variety of sleeping troubles such as difficulty falling asleep, sleeplessness due to teething troubles, sleeplessness due to intestinal problems, etc. It provides a calming effect and slows down an overactive brain in hyperactive kids.

Luffakind: It is one of the best homeopathic medicines for children suffering from allergies. It alleviates the symptoms of allergic rhinitis and pollen allergies. Regular intake of this medicine helps in strengthening the immune system to effectively defend the body from these allergic attacks.

Munostim: It is a very effective and the best homeopathic immune boosters for children. It stimulates the immune system and enhances the natural immunity. It helps the children to effectively prevent, fight and resist infections. It can be given on a daily basis for a long time as it is very safe and mild.

Nisikind: It is one of the best homeopathic medicines indicated and is very effective in treating common cold and cough with fever in children. It acts on the respiratory tract and controls the frequent attacks of cold, cough, sneezing, blocked nose, throat pain and other associated complaints with cold.

Rinikind: It is a homeopathic medicine indicated for rhinitis and associated symptoms such as sneezing, nasal discharge and watery eyes in children. It reduces allergic attacks, inflammation of the nasal passage and sneezing. It clears the nose and throat of discharges, improves the tolerance to cold and allergies. It clears the respiratory passage and sniffles of infants.

Calciokind: It enhances the absorption and assimilation of calcium in growing children and promotes the healthy development of the bones, teeth and growth of the child. It improves the calcium metabolism and strengthens the immune system. It is also indicated for children with a tendency to suffer from colds, sore throat, otitis or bronchitis.

Chamodent: It is one of the best homeopathic medicines for teething in children. It consists of the best and well indicated homeopathic remedies used for teething problems in children. It reduces the mental restlessness and irritability, inflammation of the gums, relieves the throbbing pain in the teeth and gums and also helps to treat

the associated problems such as diarrhoea, colic and flatulence.

The homeopathic Kindi range, homeopathic medicine for children can be given to children regularly on a day to day basis as long as they are free from the indicated problem. They are mild and harmless and it can be easily absorbed and metabolized by the kids.