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Scrofula is the Latin word used for the tuberculosis of the neck which is otherwise called as cervical lymphadenitis or cervical tuberculosis. In other words scrofula is a condition where the bacterium which causes tuberculosis affects outside the lungs. It is an infection of the cervical lymph nodes or lymphadenopathy of neck, often affecting the immune-compromised people. It is caused by both tuberculous and non-tuberculous mycobacteria. It is very common in children and is usually caused by atypical mycobacteria or non-tuberculous mycobacteria which are rarely tuberculous in nature.

Signs and symptoms

  • Painless mass in the neck
  • Swollen lymph nodes on the sides of the neck
  • Cold abscess
  • Night sweats
  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Malaise
  • Weight loss


Mycobacterium tuberculosis is the most common bacteria that cause scrofula but in children, it is usually non-tuberculosis bacteria.

Risk factors

  • People who are immune-compromised such as HIV are at greater risk for scrofula.
  • People with underlying chronic disease condition
  • Chronic medication


This condition is detected by imaging techniques such X- ray, scan and a needle aspiration biopsy or biopsy of the abscess or the mass and Ziehl-Neelsen test.

Homeopathic treatment for Scrofula

Calcarea carbonica: It is the best homeopathic remedy for scrofula where the glands are swollen and tend to suppurate. Slow and sluggish growth with delayed teething and the fontanelles open. The face is pale with a large abdomen. Excessive sweating of the head at night. The skin hangs in folds which are flabby. It is the best-suited remedy for very painful inflammation of glands such as maxillary, parotid and cervical glands. It is also very useful in treating tuberculosis of mesenteric glands.

Sulphur: It is one of the best remedies in the treatment of scrofula. The child is nervous and quick. Excessive sweating on the head. The head is large with open fontanelles, delayed bone growth and prone to rickets and caries. The child has dry skin with a tendency to eruptions. The glands are affected and the patient is emaciated. Scrofulous enlargement of the cervical, inguinal, axillary and sub-maxillary glands.

Calcarea flouricum: it is useful in treating chronic glandular enlargements of the cervical lymphatic glands with swelling and hardness. The glands are hard, nodular and indurated. Induration of bronchial and mesenteric glands. The complaints are worse in damp weather and are better in hot weather.

Baryta carbonica: It is indicated in cases of glandular infections and indurations. The person is emaciated with large abdomen and emaciation. Sluggish growth with extreme physical and mental weakness.

Silicea: It is indicated for scrofulous diathesis with swelling and suppurations of glands. Excessive sweating of the head and feet. Tendency to suppuration and hardness of glands. Tendency to boils, indurations and carbuncles.

Bromium: Indurated glands with tendency to suppuration and hardness of the glands.

Iodum: The person is always hungry, eats all the time and still loses weight. It is indicated for indolent swelling of the glands. The glands are hard and painless. Affection of lymphatic system. This is indicated where the swelling of the glands are sluggish in development but are large, hard and painless. Swellings of the lymph glands especially in and around the neck. It is one of the best remedies for glandular and scrofulous affections. Enlarged bronchial and mesenteric glands. Scrofulous enlargement of the glands.

Graphites: For the enlargement of glands in the axilla, groin, and neck. The abdomen is large and hard.

Mercurius: This remedy is indicated for scrofulous diathesis with glandular affections. Scrofulous affection of the eyes, nose and mouth. Swollen glands with profuse suppuration.

Syphilinum: It is the top homeopathic medicine for Hodgkin’s lymphoma in scrofulous children with marked swelling of the lymph glands of neck and head.

Chamomilla: It is indicated for painful enlargement of cervical and submaxillary glands.

Hepar sulphur: It is an effective remedy to promote suppuration and healing of the glands. Swelling and induration of the glands of the neck.

Belladonna: It is indicated for all kinds of glandular swellings threatening suppuration. Swollen glands in the neck, axillary region, mammae with redness and shining streaks radiating from the glands. Swelling and induration of the inguinal and cervical glands which are very painful and sensitive. Cold swellings of glands.

Spongia Tosta: It is one of the best remedies for the scrofula with swelling and induration of cervical glands and tuberculosis.

Phytolacca: This remedy is one of the best homeopathic medicines for inflammation of glands with swelling and hardness. The parts are hot and sensitive to touch with tenderness. It is especially well suited for affections of glands of neck, lymph glands, parotid gland and mammary glands.

Graphites: It is indicated for swelling and induration of lymphatic glands.

Conium Maculatum: It is a very effective remedy for swollen cervical glands in scrofulous children. It is also indicated for swelling, hardness and induration of mammary glands.

Calcaria Mur: It is effective in treating scrofula with chronic enlargement of lymphatic glands in neck, parotid and other cervical glands.

Bromium: It is indicated for scrofulous enlargement of glands. Swelling and hardness of parotids and tonsillitis. Induration of cervical lymph glands.

Merc sol: This remedy is indicated for scrofulous enlargement of the glands of the neck and throat. Induartion of the parotid and sub-maxillary glands. The swelling is very painful and sensitive.

Lapis albus: It is effective in treating chronic glandular swellings in scrofulous children. The swollen glands are hard and elastic in nature. It helps in hastening suppuration and promote fast healing. Glandular affections especially enlarged cervical glands.

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