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Allergic dermatitis

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Allergic dermatitis or allergic contact dermatitis occurs when the skin comes in contact with a substance which triggers an immune reaction in the body. It usually affects the area of the skin which gets in direct contact with the allergen or irritant. An allergic reaction occurs either immediately after exposure or after repeated exposures. The source of the reaction may be external factors such as cosmetics, dyes, metals or it might be due to internal factors such as foods, medicine, etc.

Types of Allergic Dermatitis

  • Allergic contact dermatitis: It is caused by an allergic or immune reaction of the body to a substance.
  • Contact dermatitis due to irritants: It is caused when the skin gets in contact with a chemical or irritant.
  • Contact dermatitis due to sun exposure: occurs when chemical or any other substance present in a skin product is exposed to the sun and it results in skin irritation.


  • A skin rash which may develop within minutes or hours of exposure
  • Redness and itching of the skin
  • Swelling of the affected areas
  • Dryness and scaling
  • Stinging or burning sensation
  • Formation of blisters
  • Sunburns


Causes of Allergic Dermatitis

Allergic dermatitis can be caused by various substances such as allergens and irritants. The causes may be environmental such as extreme weather conditions, pollens, certain plants and animal hairs, etc. Other triggers may include dyes, cosmetics, clothes, perfumes, cleaning agents, metals, adhesives, rubber, chemicals, fertilizers, dentures, medicines, certain food substances, etc.

Risk factors

Certain occupations such as working with metals, construction, gardening and agriculture, etc


Skin infections from cracks formed in the skin due to frequent scratching, which gives the bacteria and other microorganisms to infect the skin.

Prevention and management of Allergic Dermatitis

The first and foremost step to treat the allergic dermatitis is to identify the cause or the triggering factor and avoid it as much as you can.

  • Avoid scratching the affected skin as much as possible to prevent further infection.
  • Avoid contact with substances that cause dermatitis.
  • Thorough washing of any area which got into contact with allergens or irritants.
  • Avoid contact with substances that irritates the skin.
  • Using mild soaps and detergents.
  • Avoid using cosmetic products that causes any skin problems.
  • Wear loose, soft cotton clothes and avoid tight fitting clothes and clothes made of synthetic fibres.
  • Use protective gloves and masks to shield the skin from irritation.
  • Moisturize your skin regularly with a mild cream, lotion, bath oil, hand cream, etc.
  • Clean the house regularly to get rid of dust, mites, etc.
  • Avoid pets if you are allergic to them.
  • Cool wet compression on the affected area will soothe the skin.
  • Wearing soft gloves at night to prevent scratching.

Homeopathic Medicines for Allergic Dermatitis

Sulphur: It is the best homeopathic medicines for allergic dermatitis with dry scaly skin and intense itching. Intolerable itching worse at night or getting warm in bed. Intense itching followed by burning sensation. Complaints appear in spring season or in damp weather. Bad effects of suppressed eruptions. The skin is unhealthy and dirty but aversion to bathing.

Graphites: It is one of the best homeopathic medicines for allergic dermatitis which appear in the folds of skin. Rawness of skin with itching. Eruptions with oozing of thick sticky fluid. Itching eruptions on face, nose, and chin.

Rhus Tox: It is indicated in cases of allergic dermatitis with asthma or hay fever. The skin is red with excessive itching and vesicular eruptions. Fluid filled eruptions with marked burning and intense itching. Complaints aggravated in wet, rainy weather.

Mezereum: It is one of the great remedies for allergic and seborrhoeic dermatitis with oozing eruptions on the scalp. Formation of thick scab on scalp, with discharge of thick pus and matting of hair. It is indicated for dermatitis of scalp in infants. Offensive discharges with intolerable itching is present in the eruptions.

Natrum muriaticum: It is indicated when the eruptions appear on the margin of scalp along the hairline. The eruptions are dry with rawness of skin and with crusting.

Graphites: It is very useful in cases of eruption in the folds of skin with sticky discharges. Eruptions on the inner side of elbows, behind the knees, groins and behind the ear.

Lycopodium: Thick hard, indurated skin with cracks which bleeds.

Petroleum: The skin is thickened, dry and is covered with greenish crusts. Fissures and cracks with bleeding, burning and intense itching. The complaints are aggravated in winter.

Galphimia glauca: It is indicated for allergic dermatitis with allergic rhinitis or asthma.

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