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Pain occurs as a defence mechanism of our body so we can stop using that part and give it some rest. It also indicates some internal malady and sets the alarm for us to get a health check-up as early as possible.
There are different types of pain, depending upon its cause. Pain can be due to some injury, bee sting, chronic and acute illness, etc. Different pains can be described by various sensations such as:

  • Pulsating pain
  • Aching pain
  • Stinging pain
  • Burning pain
  • Stitching pain
  • Drawing pain, etc.

Sometimes it is difficult to express the exact sensation of pain. It happens because everyone feels the pain differently. Though generally, the character of the pain depends upon the affected organ or part of the body. For example, pain in a hollow organ such as intestine will give a sensation of colicky pain, lesion of nerves will give a neuralgic pain, etc.

Homoeopathic Management of Pain

Including some acute pains such as incarcerated flatus, homoeopathy has immense scope in the management of various types of pains. Apart from the consideration of disease diagnosis and pathology, homoeopathy considers the nature of pain, location, modality and its concomitant symptoms for the prescription of medicines. There are many homoeopathic medicines for the management of various types of pains of different origin. Dr Willmar Schwabe has speciality products for the management of headache due to different causes. These are described below:




This homoeopathic medicine for headache is formulated for its effective control. It is medicine for head pain due to various causes. It helps in:

• relieving throbbing, tearing, digging and boring headache

• alleviation of pain in the forehead, occiput and temple regions of the head

• relieving headache due to overexposure to the sun

• relief of headache due to excessive intake of tobacco, alcohol or coffee.


Belladonna 3x: For headache with fullness sensation especially in the forehead, occiput and temples.

Headache due to suppressed catarrhal flow. Pain gets aggravated from light, noise, jar and lying down. It gets better pressure.

Glonoinum 5x: For throbbing, pulsating headache, has to hold the head with both the hands. During the headache, cannot lie down. Headache due to sun exposure which increases and decreases with the sun.

Nux vomica 3x: Headache with vertigo, in the occiput or over the eyes. Pressing pain sensation in the vertex, as if a nail was driven into it. Frontal headache with a desire to push the head against something.

Secale cornutum 3x: For passive and congestive headache which begins from the back of the head, along the pale face.

Spigelia anthelmia 3x: Headache especially in temples and beneath the frontal eminence which extends into the eyes. Semilateral pain which extends to left eye. Violent throbbing type of pain.

Excipients Q.S.

Alcohol content: 45% v/v

Indications: Headache due to causes like cold, over-exertion, tension, stress, sun, psychological and emotional factors.

Presentation: 30 ml glass bottle pack.

Side effects: Absent

Contra-indications: Absent

Interactions: Not known up to now.


 It is a homoeopathic medicine for sinus headache which is formulated for its effective control. It helps in relieving the headache by:

• Opening and draining of the sinuses

• Relieving dull frontal headache over the eyes

• removing the infection and septic process

• promotes recovery and prevents recurrences.


Each tablet of 250 mg contains :

Baryta muriatica 3x: Heaviness of head with confusion. Headache with vomiting

Cinnabaris 3x: Useful in headaches due to congestion. Pain from lachrymal duct radiates around the eyes and the temporal region of the head. 

Echinacea angustifolia 1x: Dull, throbbing headache accompanied by a sensation of fullness. Head feels too large. Headache with periodical flushing of the face. 

Hydrastis Canadensis 3x: Dull pressing frontal headache mainly associated with constipation. For sinusitis after coryza. Catarrhal headache. Acts on mucous membranes and help in dissolving excessive discharge.

Kalium bichromicum 3x: Headache in small spots after suppressed catarrh. Frontal headache, especially over one eye. Aching and fullness sensation in the glabella. 

Excipients Q.S. to make 250 mg 

Indications: Sinus headache, acute or chronic sinusitis.

Presentation: 20 gms bottle

Dosage: 1-2 tablets every hour in acute conditions. After symptoms improve, 1-2 tablets every three hours.

For children: Half the adult dose.

Or as prescribed by the physician.

Side effects: Absent

Contra-indications: Absent

Interactions: No interactions between Alpha -SH and other products are known.


Pain can occur in any part of our body, where the pain receptors are present. Pains arise as a part of our body’s defence mechanism. It can occur due to many causes which give different types of pain sensations to the sufferer. Dr Willmar Schwabe has special formulations of homoeopathic medicines for head pain. These are labelled as Alpha-HA for the relief in headache due to sun, mental exertion, etc. and Alpha-SH as a curative medicinal product for headache due to sinusitis. These products are free of side-effects. However, these should be taken under the guidance of a registered homoeopathic doctor to avoid and underlying severe disease.