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Nervous weakness or neuropathy is a collective term to define various nervous disorders where the nerves become weak and damaged. Most of the time it is temporary but when it persist for a long period, it might cause permanent disabilities. The symptoms starts as mild problems such as headache, fatigue, loss of sensation, numbness, crawling or tingling sensations but then may proceed to weakness or loss of muscle strength, memory loss, diminished sense of smell, vision, taste, touch, or hearing, problems in cognitive ability, anxiety and depression, lack of coordination of movements, muscle weakness and wasting, tremors and stiffness, etc.


The most common causes of nervous weakness are damage or irritation of the nerves such as compression, nerve damage from injuries, nerve degeneration due to aging or other diseases, as an effect of certain toxins or tumors and malnutrition. Some of the conditions which cause nerve weakness are Sciatica, Diabetic Neuropathy, Multiple Sclerosis, Bell’s Palsy, Parkinson’s Disease, Stroke, etc.


The symptoms start very gradually and increase in severity. Nervous weakness might lead to severe medical conditions and hence it is best to treat it immediately. Good food, a healthy lifestyle, diet, exercises, yoga, physical therapy along with the indicated homeopathic medicines will help to get through the problems at the early stage in a safe way.


Homeopathy is very helpful in cases of many neurological conditions be it physical or psychological. Though the scopes are limited in severe conditions, well selected homeopathic medicines given at the earlier stages of such neuropathies, offer great relief which left untreated may lead to long term discomfort or disability. It always help to know the underlying cause for such symptoms which may not seem important such as long term grief, shocks, emotional attacks, etc.


Kali phosphoricum is commonly used in 3X & 6X for nerve weakness. It also covers weakness of muscles and nerves, mental fatigue, depression, insomnia, muscle and nerve weakness, nervous indigestion, etc.


Some of the other well indicated medicines for nerve weakness in homeopathy are Causticum, Hypericum, Guaicum, Rhustoxicodendron, Ruta graveolans, Viola odarata, Arnica Montana, Agaricus Muscarius, Theridion, Ignatia, Baryta carbonica, Cicuta, Belladonna, Stramonium and Hyoscyamus, etc. The role of homeopathy in many of these conditions is not to cure but, on the whole, to help people cope better with difficulties and a qualified physician should always be consulted. The dosage and repetition depends on the nature and severity of the symptoms.