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A Nerve tonic is a combination of biochemic salts to help the body maintain the mineral balance in the body especially the phosphates which are essential for the proper fumctioning of the brain and nervous system. Nerve tonic helps to reduce stress and nervous tension due to mental and physical strain. The basic mineral phosphates are formulated in recommended potency to restore normal functions and balance of the nerve cells. It helps to relieve stress relief, calms the nerves, promotes tissue building and provides the necessary nutrition to nerves, brain and bones.

A healthy body includes both physical and psychological factors. The physical factors are taken care through proper diet and nutrition but for the mental health, it is important to maintain the nerve tissues. Brain and nerve tissues need amino acids, nutrients, essential minerals and salts for proper functioning and conduction of impulses and reflexes.

Nerve tonic is used as a supplement to provide calming, soothing, relaxing effect to the mind and body. It acts as a general tonic for chronic wasting diseases, anemia, general debility, exhaustion with lack of vitality and to relieve pain. It is useful in women who are weakened by frequent child bearing. It is also a good remedy for neurasthenia, anxiety and impaired memory.

Homoeopathic nerve tonic from Schwabe India

Biocombination No. 24 & Five Phos tablets are biochemic combination products which are prepared from five tissue salts like Calcarea phosphoricum, Ferrum phosphoricum, Magnesium phosphoricum, Natrum phosphoricum and Kali phosphoricum. It is one of the best nerve tonics available in homeopathy. These salts play important role in cell metabolism. These salts restore health by removing the mineral imbalances in the body.

Calcarea phosphorica is concerned with formation of bone and teeth. It is a remedy for rickets. Characteristic sensation of nerve weakness like numbness and crawling and is useful in chronic wasting diseases.

Kali phosphoricum is a nerve nutrient and used in treating nervous headache, nervous dyspepsia, sleeplessness, depression and low vitality. It is useful for potassium and phosphate metabolism, very essential for brain, nervous system, and is useful in neurasthenia, mental and physical depression, tiredness, and exhaustion.

Natrum phosphoricum is an essential salt for digestive system and neutralizes acids and helps in assimilation of fats and other nutrients.

Magnesium phosphoricum is an antispasmodic and analgesic. Magnesiumis essential for nerve reflexes, tissue building and it helps to treat cramping of muscles with neuralgic pains.

Ferrum phosphoricum acts as an oxygen carrier and helps in strengthening blood vessels. It is indicated for anemia, nervous weakness and general debility.

Dosage of Biocombination No. 24: Adults 4 tablets, children 2 tablets, at a time, four times a day at intervals of three hours.

Dosage of Five Phos: Adults 1-2 tablets, children 1 tablet, at a time, four times a day at intervals of three hours.

Kali phosphoricum CH: Kali phosphoricum is indicated for general weakness and nervous debility. It helps to reduce irritable mood, melancholy and lack confidence. It helps to treat neuralgic pains, is a good tonic for the nerves and may help relieve headaches, nervousness, sleeplessness and mental exhaustion. It helps to heal the nerves.

Dosage: 3-5 drops three times a day or as prescribed by the physician.