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Dull/ full feeling in the head is described as a feeling of pressure, tightness, or weight in the head. This feeling of pressure in the head can be caused by various medical conditions. Most of the time, these issues are not serious and can be treated easily, such as pressure in the head caused by a sinus infection or problem in the ear. However, at times intense pressure in the head is caused by a severe underlying health condition such as an aneurysm or brain tumor.

Some times this pressure feeling in the head is accompanied by various other symptoms as well such as:-

  • Pressure in head and ears- This might be a sign of ear problems such as an ear infection or earwax or some dental problem.
  • Pressure in head and dizziness- This can be a sign of various conditions such as an allergic reaction, head injury, dehydration, heat exhaustion, high blood pressure, infection, migraine and panic attack.
  • Pressure in head and anxiety- Pain in head can be caused by nerves and muscles in the neck. Also, pain and pressure both in head and neck can be caused by migraine, tension headache, whiplash, concussions and muscle strain.
  • Pressure in head and eyes- this can be a sign of allergies, weak eye muscles, sinus infection, or migraine.


The causes that can result in pressure in the head are:-

TENSION HEADACHE- Also called tension-type headache (TTH), it usually varies from mild to moderate in intensity. It is also described as if an elastic band is squeezing the head. This is the most common type of headache and affects almost 42% of people world over. It is attributed to various causes such as stress, anxiety, poor posture and even depression.

SINUS HEADACHE- It presents as a constant pressure in the forehead, cheekbones, nose, ears, or jaws and may be accompanied by a stuffy nose. It is called sinus headache as it involves inflammation of sinuses, which are connected cavities present in the skull behind forehead, cheeks, nose and eyes. When inflamed, these sinuses produce mucus in excess resulting in pressure sensation in the head. This inflammation may be due to allergies, cold and flu and sinus infection.

EAR CONDITIONS- Ear problems can affect one side or both sides of the head, resulting in dull and constant pressure sensation in the temples, jaws, ears, or temples of the head. This mainly results from ear infections, blockage due to earwax, ear barotrauma, labyrinthitis, eardrum rupture or outer ear infection.

MIGRAINE- It is a common type of headache that usually affects one side of the head and can be disabling due to severity. It is described as throbbing or pulsating pain. It is often accompanied by other symptoms such as vomiting, increased sensitivity to light and noise. The exact cause of migraines is not known, but genetics and environmental factors have a significant role to play.

CONCUSSION AND OTHER HEAD INJURIES- They result from sudden impact to head such as during falls, sports injuries and car accidents. This sudden impact causes the brain inside the skull to shake, bounce, or twist, which affects brain activity and even damage brain cells. They feel like a mild pressure in the head and is accompanied by confusion, dizziness and nausea.

BRAIN TUMOR- It is a rare condition where the brain cells grow and multiply abnormally and form a mass in the brain. This results in pressure and heaviness in head and neck and is accompanied by other symptoms like issues in memory, vision, or gait. Brain tumors can be benign or noncancerous or malignant or cancerous. They can start in the brain cells or grow from cancerous cells that have come into the brain from elsewhere in the body.

BRAIN ANEURYSM- It refers to bulging of a blood vessel that results from excess pressure. This can even burst and bleed into the brain. It is described as sudden and severe head pain. High blood pressure, cigarette smoking and aging are the common factors that lead to an aneurysm.  

OTHER HEADACHES- There are many types of headache such as rebound headache, cluster headache, caffeine etc. caused by a wide variety of factors such as hunger or dehydration, dental problems, fatigue, medication or conditions that cause fatigue, high blood pressure, meningitis and encephalitis, strain in the muscles of head and neck, stroke, etc.


One can make the following lifestyle changes to improve and manage their chronic headache:-

  • Reduce stress
  • Practice relaxation activities such as reading, hot bath, or stretching.
  • Work on posture to ease tension in muscles of head and neck
  • Get adequate sleep and have regular sleep timings.
  • Apply heat or ice packs to treat sore muscles if any
  • In the case of poor mental health conditions, as in anxiety and depression, consult a counselor or psychologist.
  • Avoid the triggers of headaches such as chocolate, caffeine, cigarette smoking, strong sunlight, etc.


 Most of the time headache is not due to a serious underlying cause and gets better with rest and changes in lifestyle. However, if the head pressure becomes long term, severe and starts to disrupt routine activities so that one has to take pain killers for dull or full feeling in head for more than twice a week, one must refer a doctor for help. Treatment for the headache depends on the underlying cause. In cases where the exact source of trouble is not clear, or the accompanying symptoms are suggestive of a more serious condition, the physician might advise for a brain CT scan or MRI scan. These diagnostic procedures help to get a detailed image of the brain, which can be used to understand the underlying cause of head pressure.

Homeopathy has a great role to play in the treatment of dull or pressure feeling in head. Homeopathic treatment for pressure is not only effective but safe and without any side effects. Best homeopathic medicine for pressure is the one most similar to disease manifestation. For this, a trained homeopathic physician elicits symptoms of the patient from both mental and physical spheres.

Common pressure medicines in homeopathy are:-

BELLADONNA – It is indicated for headaches with much throbbing and heat along with labored breathing. Pain and fullness are more in the forehead. Pain gets worse from noise, jar, light, lying down and in the afternoon and gets better by pressure and semi-erect posture.

BRYONIA ALBA – It is indicated for headache with bursting and splitting sensation in the head. Headache is felt more from motion even from opening eyes and stooping. The pain feels better until when the patient lies completely still.

GELSIMIUM SEMPERVIRENS – It is indicated for occipital headache with dullness and band-like feeling in the head and heaviness of eyelids. The headache is associated with soreness of neck and shoulder muscles. This headache is caused and aggravated by mental stress and worry.

GLONOINUM – It is indicated for a sudden headache with fullness and heat sensation caused due to sunstroke. The patient feels slightly better from uncovering the head.

IGNATIA AMARA – It is indicated for headache caused by grief with twitching in the muscles of face, neck and back. The person has a tendency to yawn, sigh, or weep with sobbing.