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Loosening of skin after delivery

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With all the changes pregnancy can bring on your physical body, one of them is loose skin. Most of the changes go away subsequently after the delivery. However, loose skin may be the one that stays behind for a longer time. The dermis of the skin is made of collagen(to provide strength) and elastin(to provide elasticity). These help the skin to stretch. The skin expands with weight gain. Once stretched, it is difficult for the skin to attain its original shape.

Sagging and stretch marks of skin are very common after delivery. Women who are very conscious about their body, loose skin can be emotionally thwarting and one of the causes for anxiety and postpartum depression for such women. But it’s important to remember that getting back to a fitter tone of your body can take time. There is nothing to feel upset about. It is important to appreciate your body that just did an amazing thing by giving birth. So try to go soft and easy on yourself. Some woman refers to the sagged skin of their belly as “Pregnancy Pouch”. It takes a lot of time to get rid of this Pregnancy Pouch. With progressing pregnancy, the abdomen stretches during the time of nine months. Therefore, it is natural that it shall take at some time, to tighten and get back to its original shape.

The process of skin getting back to its original shape depends on numerous factors like your activity level during the period of pregnancy, genes, bone structure, the weight gained, etc. Speculation is made that women lose fat faster who gained only pounds or less than 30 pounds and kept a routine for scheduled exercise. Also, these women got into shape faster and easily. The following steps will help you lose the belly fat at a faster rate.

1. The proportion of water intake:

The quantity of liquid intake during this time helps in burning off calories more efficiently. It is an elixir for the body and mind. It keeps the skin hydrated and makes it more elastic, keeps it healthy and tight.

Drinking plenty of water every day is one of the best things you can do for the overall health of your body — whether you’re trying to lose weight or not. And it’s especially important for breastfeeding moms. It helps to shed unwanted pounds naturally by regulating various bodily functions like circulation, digestion, etc. Water assists kidneys and helps to keep the body toxin-free. The adequate proportion of water also keeps you from overeating.

2. Exercise helps to lose the extra pounds:

It is important to stay active during and after pregnancy. Keeping yourself active by indulging in different activities or exercise regime post-delivery once your body is ready is healthy and good for your overall health. Do not forget to consult your doctor before you begin. Begin with easy and light exercise. You may start with daily walking or postpartum yoga. Later you may start with rigorous exercises like aerobics or cardio once your body is ready. It can work wonders to remove extra fat on your tummy. Exercise not only helps in burning calories but also strengthen your stomach muscles. Take up strength training. After your body is habitual to a consistent exercise routine you can opt for strength training also. Your doctor’s good to go is a must though. Muscle training stimulates muscular contraction. This muscular contraction helps in building strength. It will help in toning-up the loose muscle fibers and getting back into the shape by improving your body composition and reducing extra fat from all over the body.

3. Consume Proteins:

Protein is a necessary component for muscle growth. Collagen protein helps in firming your skin. The intake of total protein completely depends on your weight and the extent of physical activity that you indulge in. · Normally, an adult should consume 50 grams of protein daily. Eating a protein-rich diet makes it easier to stick to any weight loss diet. It boosts metabolism and reduces appetite. Studies have shown, a protein intake of around 30% of calories may be optimal for weight loss.

4. No To Crash Dieting:

Initially, when you opt for strict dieting, you might lose weight faster. But once you stop your regime the weight will bolt back as quickly as was lost. It is always better for the flexibility of your body when you reduce weight gradually and not dramatically. No need to starve yourself or fall for fancy dieting. Reduce weight steadily with proper diet and exercise. Respect your body. Don’t push too hard on yourself.

5. Keep A Healthy Mind:

Yes, it is really annoying, when you are unable to lose that extra flab. But there is no hurry. All the baby fat will gradually fade away. This time might seem frustrating. In such times, keeping a relaxed and calm mind is of endless value. Try deep breathing, or listen to music. Try to indulge in outdoor activities as much as you can.

With gaining extra pounds post-delivery the skin loses its elasticity. To keep the skin tight and healthy many lotions and scrubs are available in the market. These products are rich in collagen as well as Vitamin E, C, A and K. The lotion may help to improve the blood flow. Try massaging the skin gently after applying the lotion over your skin. The will also exfoliate your skin. It also creates new, healthy and more elastic skin. It may also aid in skin tightening after pregnancy. You can massage at least twice a day for better results.

New mothers should always remember:

  • Post-delivery weight is entirely physiological. Your body has nourished a little life inside. Instead of thinking only of the excess skin after weight loss, feel exultant and proud of yourself.
  • Don’t get disheartened if it takes longer to tighten your skin. Give yourself some time.
  • Enjoy this phase of eating what you please in a healthy way and remember that you can always get back in shape.

Role of homeopathy in weight loss after delivery:

Obesity is a huge problem. During your pregnancy, everyone told you to eat right and you ate right, took supplements and exercised faithfully. Now your baby has arrived. Your complete attention is on this new life, to care, to love. As the baby grows you may notice the pregnancy pounds are not budging. But there are no magic pills or quick fix for these extra pounds gained during pregnancy. You may start to feel disappointing and stressful. Relax There may not be such things as homeopathic continuations for weight loss, neither is there any homeopathic diet for weight loss. But, many doctors in Europe and South Asia including India successfully employ homeopathic remedies for weight loss. Various homeopathic medicine may help you lose weight but the selection of medicine is entirely is based on your unique individuality. It will help in reducing weight by burning more calories and increasing the metabolic rate naturally. These medicines will boost your immunity.

Also, homeopathic medicines are best advised for post-delivery trauma. Newly mothers facing troubles with lactation can aid themselves with theses medicines. Homeopathic medicines are completely natural in origin. These are long-lasting, absolutely safe medicines with nor harmful side effects. It is important for you to keep in mind, weight loss is a gradual phenomenon that requires your physical activity first. No medicine will help if you continue living a sedentary lifestyle full of mouth-watering food on your plate. Other main factors for weight gain should never be forgotten. The doctor will always ask for a brief medical history to rule out hypothyroidism, depression, the slow activity of intestines, and a sedentary lifestyle. The women with the polycystic ovarian disease and those around menopausal age are more prone to weight gain.