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Managing Travel Sickness with Homeopathy

We are all well familiar with the term ‘travel sickness’ and indeed have encountered it at least once in our lives. The sensation of nausea, dizziness and spinning head while in motion in a vehicle is familiar to us all. Unfortunately, for some people the condition is so well-established that all modes of transport for any length of time become a hassle. This makes not only recreational travel but even routine vehicular movement a nightmare. Even something as simple as commuting to work could become a major issue and cause significant distress. Fortunately, using homeopathic remedy for travel sickness helps to alleviate these symptoms and therefore homeopathy comes as a boon to people with severe travel sickness.

Travel sickness is also called motion sickness, and may even be called air-sickness or sea-sickness depending on where it develops. A combination of symptoms is seen. Some people suffer only from air-sickness while being perfectly healthy in a moving car or ship, others have an aversion to all forms of travel, while some people may enjoy recreational rides such as a rollercoaster but develop giddiness while at sea. A variety of theories have attempted to explain why exactly travel sickness develops. Some say that the sensory apparatus perceives us to be in motion while we are at rest relative to our vehicle, others hypothesize a neuronal mismatch theory. Whatever be the cause, roughly one-third of the population remains susceptible to travel sickness. Interestingly, even the mere thought of being sick could incite dizziness while in motion, and seeing others being sick certainly aggravates one’s own condition.

Symptoms include spinning of head, vertigo and dizziness, head pains, nausea, vomiting, abdominal discomfort and cramping, and a general sick feeling. Strong odors worsen the nausea. Conditions such as poor hydration and heavy meals are some indirect factors that may contribute to the sickness. Children are more prone to be distressed during travel, specially while in air or at sea. In such conditions managing their symptoms becomes a tedious task. Of course, the added symptoms of irritability and crankiness make the problem worse.

Over the counter medications in the form of allopathic tablets are available, and frequently sought for handling motion sickness. While their use has quick benefits in acute cases, the condition invariably returns. These medicines are not able to eradicate the tendency of developing motion sickness, and indeed the person’s susceptibility does not change. Moreover, frequent usage of such medications has its own perils in the form of side effects. Thus, they cannot be considered a permanent or a perfect solution to the problem of travel sickness. This is why one must consider homeopathy.

Homeopathic medications are made out of natural sources, and the medicinal amount is so small that it does only the minimal required action, and no more. This efficiently takes care of the problem of side effects so that no adverse effects are ever seen. Also, for people having the tendency to suffer from travel sickness medicine needs to be continued for a sustained time period so as to eradicate the propensity. Appropriate travel sickness treatment ensures that not only current but also future travel plans are not adversely affected. Homeopathic medications can be safely taken for as much time as required, and the repetition of medicine does not cause problems. This makes constitutional treatment even easier.

The best travel sickness tablets for adults, and indeed the best travel sickness medication for any age is certainly manufactured by Schwabe India. These are the best travel sickness tablets for flying or any other kind of travel, named as Alpha-MS. The medicine acts to resolve the symptoms associated with travel sickness such as nausea, vertigo, head pains, abdominal complaints, dizziness and general low feeling and weakness. By virtue of its quick action and immediate relief, it is frequently verified to be the best medicine for travel sickness in India. Another feature is that the medicine is safe for people of all age groups, as well as pregnant women and those who are breastfeeding. This makes the medicine more attractive and applicable to all situations and the fears faced when using allopathic medication are not encountered.

Dosage is generally one to two tablets every two hours, or even hourly in acute cases. The gap between the doses can be increased once relief sets in. The medicine can also be taken as a preventive, before beginning the journey. This way, homeopathy not only takes care of the acute complaint of travel sickness but also provides long-term benefits.