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Nausea during travel

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Making Travel Comfortable with Homeopathy

We are all aware of the term ‘nausea’ and relate the word to a queasy, uncomfortable sensation of feeling sick that may arise in a wide range of conditions. Everyone develops nausea from time to time and generally the condition passes away in a short period of time. However, sometimes people develop a tendency for developing nausea frequently and this may become a major deterrent to good health. Nausea and sickness during traveling, commonly called motion sickness, is a common condition that affects a large number of people and makes the otherwise pleasant feeling of traveling a nightmare. Therefore, it is important to treat the problem and eradicate the tendency to develop nausea during travel so that travel can be safe and enjoyable, rather than a chore.

Nausea during travel affects different people to different degrees. Some people are hardly bothered by the movement of the vehicle, whereas others may develop severe giddiness and even have episodes of vomiting. Generally, travel sickness involves not only nausea but also giddiness, vertigo, vomiting and headaches, a low feeling and even indigestion. Most people recognize the signs of travel sickness in themselves and also carry some sort of medicine to help the problem. Allopathic medication is widely used but comes with its own set of perils and side effects. This is where the scope of homeopathy may be explored. Homeopathic medicine to stop nausea and vomiting is indeed a better solution than allopathic medications that cause countless side effects in the long run. The allopathic medicines may also be contraindicated in a variety of conditions. Another problem with allopathic medicines is that they merely act as emergency measures; if one has the tendency to develop motion sickness it would invariable return once the effects of medicine has ceased. Here also homeopathy has a unique role in that it helps eradicate the tendency to develop motion sickness altogether.

Certain measures can be taken to counter nausea and giddiness while traveling. On a train or ferry it is best to sit facing the direction of travel. One must either try to sit in the middle of the vehicle, or if near the window, focus on a point far into the horizon than on something close that exaggerates the feeling of movement. It is best to avoid heavy meals, but being empty stomach might also cause nausea. Light meals taken at frequent intervals work best. Fresh air helps to stabilize the feeling of sickness. It is also important to stay hydrated. People who develop the problem of travel sickness frequently are generally aware of their triggers; these triggers can be consciously avoided as far as possible. It is best to stay away from a person being violently sick because the sick feeling often travels between individuals; it is best to let someone else who is in a healthier state help the sick person. Ginger tea or lemon tea is known to sooth distraught nerves. Frequent breaks may be taken while traveling to ease the motion, however this may not be possible in every case.

To counter persistent nausea medicine is required and may even need to be taken at short intervals in acute cases. As discussed earlier, allopathy may not always be an adequate option, particularly in people with the disposition to develop motion sickness at every travel. For such people, and even for people with acute symptoms, homeopathy provides a far better and gentler alternative. Not only is the medicine easy to administer and safer to use, it is also quick to act and highly efficient.
Homeopathic medicine to cure nausea is made out of natural sources and its preparation is based on the standard laws of homeopathy that make it safe and effective. If you are doubtful about what medicine to take for nausea, or about the best medicine for nausea and vomiting, look no further than Schwabe India. They manufacture what is probably the best medicine to take for nausea, and their products have been verified to be useful time and again. A very useful homeopathic medicine for nausea and vomiting is Alpha-MS by Schwabe India. This medicine to help with nausea can be given to old and young alike.

Alpha-MS comes in the form of tablets and is indicated for nausea and vomiting associated with travel sickness. It also relieves headaches, dizziness and vertigo one may experience while traveling. General malaise and sick feeling arising as a result of motion sickness can be effectively handled by this medicine. It is frequently prescribed by homeopaths all over the country and the results have been exemplary. Normally one or two tablets are taken at an interval of one hour when the condition is acute, and the interval may be increased as the symptoms ease off. Children are preferably given half of the adult dosage. For people who have the tendency to develop nausea during travel, the medicine can also be taken as a preventive measure before beginning the travel. Consult your homeopathic physician for the exact dosage and repetition schedule so as to obtain the best results.