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Motion sickness

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Motion sickness

It is a common condition that occurs in some people who travel by car, train, airplane or boat. Many people suffer from this condition if they ride on a roller coaster, sea-saw, or other similar amusement park rides.


The feeling of motion sickness starts with uneasiness, cold perspiration and dizziness which may lead to headache, fatigue, nausea or vomiting.


Motion sickness is caused by the mixed signals sent to the brain by the eyes and the inner ear. It is caused when balancing fluid senses motion waves but eye do not feel motion.


Symptoms are temporary in nature. It is advised to move your head as little as possible. Don’t drink alcohol, don’t smoke or eat a heavy meal before you travel. Don’t eat or drink during short trip. It is advised not to use perfumes with strong odors, and spicy foods.

Homoeopathic Management

Homoeopathic medicines like Arsenic album, Cocculus, Capsicum annum, Carbo vegetabilis, Ferrum metallicum, Hydrastis canadensis, Ipecacuanha Iris versicolor, Nux vomica, Natrum phosphoricum, Natrum sulphuricum, Petroleum, Phosphorus, Robinia, etc. are frequently prescribed by homoeopathic physician.

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