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Headache during travel

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Managing Headache with Homeopathy

We have all experienced headache some time or the other. Most of the headaches that occur are due to stress, exhaustion or overwork. Other causes may be pathological in nature. Migraine is a frequently used term for headaches that have a chronic nature and are exacerbated by known and unknown trigger factors. Persistent headaches affect a person’s working capability, productivity, and personal life. The condition also affects a person’s mood and may go so far as to cause depression. It is therefore vital to treat headaches and migraines and homeopathy offers a feasible solution to these problems. For people suffering from persistent headache medicine should be started after investigations to rule out any brain conditions.

Pain in any part of the head is referred to as headache, and this may extend to the neck, face, eyes, etc. The pain may be throbbing, dull aching, sharp needle-like, bursting, or of any other type. Severe pains may also cause nausea and vomiting, dizziness and vertigo. Headache is a symptom and not a diagnosis, and the causation behind this symptom needs to be thoroughly explored and diagnosed. Homeopathy provides medicines for headache in various combinations, (for example, medicine for fever and headache, medicine for cold and headache, etc.) depending on the complaints associated with the pain in head. Homeopathic medicine for headache due to gas is also available.

Several conditions present as headache. High blood pressure is one of the most frequently encountered causes. If you suffer from severe pain in head, always get your blood pressure checked to rule out hypertension and its own debilitating sequelae. Space occupying lesions in the brain may press on nerve endings and vital parts and cause head pains. However, most of the causes of headache are not so sinister. Generally, headaches occur in relation to stress, exhaustion, overwork, worry, fatigue, eye strain, loud noises and bright lights, excess caffeine intake, alcohol hangover and withdrawal, and even while travelling. Different people may have different trigger factors.

A discussion on headaches cannot be complete without talking about migraines. Nowadays, more and more people are suffering from migraine. It is a disorder in which severe head pains recur and no organic pathology can be ascertained. The pains generally affect one side of the head and may last for even days on end. Nausea and vomiting are associated features, as is the increased sensitivity to lights and noises. The pain is aggravated on physical activity and the person desires rest in a quiet, dark room. Many people suffering from migraines also experience ‘auras’ – these are the short periods of sensory disturbances (mostly visual) that occur before a migraine and alert the person to approaching pain. Migraines are precipitated by several trigger factors that may vary with different people. Stress is the commonest cause. Hormonal changes in women may also lead to headaches. As is evident, migraines are highly debilitating and cut down on important work hours.

Other type of recurrent head pains is cluster headache. This is a combination of severe one sided recurring headaches that are often accompanied by watering eyes, nasal congestion, swelling and puffiness of the eye, etc. on the affected side. The most common type of headaches, however, is tension headache. These are caused by muscle contractions in the head and neck region. The pain is mild, moderate or even severe and may be triggered by a variety of foods, activities and stress factors. Sleep is difficult for people suffering from tension headache and irritability and exhaustion are also seen. Overwork is one of the most common stress factors, for example, prolonged work at a computer may cause tension headache.

The best medicine for headache without side effects is undoubtedly homeopathy. Homeopathic medicine for headache removes not only the pain but also takes care of the exhaustion and other associated symptoms. The best medicine for headache in India is provided by Dr Willmar Schwabe in the form of natural easy-to-administer products. If you are wondering which medicine is best for headache for your particular case, it is best to get yourself evaluated by a qualified homeopathic physician so as to get the medicine most suited to you.

Alpha-HA by Schwabe India is a very useful medicine for severe headache. It controls headaches precipitated by a variety of causes in the forehead, top of head or all through the skull. Headache due to travel or due to prolonged sun exposure is also efficiently taken care of by this medicine. Its utility has also been noted in headaches that arise from excess intake of tobacco or alcohol, or from withdrawal of these addictive substances. Alpha-MS is another product that has specific affinity for travel headaches, and motion sickness caused as a consequence of travel. Associated symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, dizziness and vertigo are also promptly relieved by the use of this medicine. The dosage is generally kept minimal in accordance with homeopathic principles. Consult your homeopath today to find out the combination best suited for your headaches and associated complaints.