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Giddiness during travel

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Managing Motion Sickness with Homeopathy

Motion sickness, or travel sickness, is a fairly common condition affecting a large number of people in varying degrees of severity. Some people merely get mildly nauseous or uneasy during the rhythmic motions of a moving vehicle, whereas others break down into full blown vomiting, abdominal pains and fatigue. Indeed, some other people may be hardly affected at all. People who are chronic sufferers of motion sickness generally take some from of medicine while traveling to avoid the distressing symptoms. Allopathic medication undoubtedly helps, but it often comes with its own set of risks and side effects. Not everyone may benefit from the chemical doses of allopathy. Also, such medicines merely act as an emergency measure and the condition recurs at the next travel without fail. It is logical, therefore, to search for a solution that not only is gentle and soothing but also abolishes the tendency of developing the problem. For permanent motion sickness treatment, it is best to try homeopathy as the effects are long-lasting and chances of recurrence remain low.

First and foremost, you can take certain measures to minimize developing motion sickness in the first place. Adults are generally aware of the factors that trigger their body to develop giddiness and discomfort, and are able to avoid them. If you are particularly susceptible to developing motion sickness, always try to focus on a distant point out the window rather than the motion of the vehicle, or in case of sea travel, the movement of waves. Take a window seat in a bus or car and focus on a point far ahead. The fresh air would also be helpful. For this purpose, try staying on the deck of a ship or ferry, here also the fresh air would be beneficial. Try to sit in the center of the boat/ferry, and if in a car, prefer a front seat. Avoid reading or working on your mobile phones while traveling, and watching videos on the phone is strictly not recommended. Always face the direction of travel rather than the reverse. Also, try to stay well hydrated. Avoid heavy meals but take light and frequent snacks instead. Try to sooth yourself with normal or ginger tea, if available, and for worst case scenarios, keep paper bags handy to avoid a mess. Of course, homeopathic medication must also be kept at hand.

Obviously, not all cases can be managed simply by choosing the best seating arrangements and medicines may be required for many cases. So, if you are wondering what medicine to take for motion sickness, and even what is the best medicine for motion sickness in India that causes no side effects at all, look no further than Alpha-MS by Schwabe India. The Alpha-MS tablet is probably the best homeopathic medicine for motion sickness. It has repeatedly been proven to be the best motion sickness medicine for cruise and road travel. This homeopathic remedy for motion sickness is known to counter not only the nausea and vomiting but also headaches, abdominal discomfort, vertigo, and the weakness and malaise resulting as a consequence. One to two tablets are taken when the complaints occur, and once the person starts feeling well, the medicine can be reduced to one tablet taken once every few hours. The motion sickness medicine can be repeated in an acute attack at an interval of fifteen minutes until relief sets in. It can also be taken as a preventive before setting on the journey. The medicine is safe for young and old people both, and causes no problems to a pregnant woman either. Therefore, it is a much safer option than the conventional allopathic tablets sold freely at pharmacies that resolve symptoms momentarily but lead to no permanent relief. You can acquire homeopathic medication at any registered homeopathic dispensary or order online from Schwabe.