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Tackling Constipation with Natural Homeopathic Remedies

We are all well familiar with the term ‘constipation’ as well as the distress it causes. Seemingly a trivial symptom, long lasting constipation has a wide range of complications and consequences that are very difficult to completely eradicate. A large number of people suffer from constipation, and we have all been a victim of this trouble on and off. While mild cases of constipation are usual and resolve spontaneously in a day or two, it is also very common for people to be suffering from constipation for years together. Such chronic cases need careful evaluation and serious treatment to avoid adversities.

Generally, the problem of constipation is directly related to dietary habits. Heavy meals rich in spices and oils, poor fluid intake, low fiber intake (avoiding fruits and green vegetables) and a sedentary lifestyle all contribute to difficulty in evacuation. Low water intake is a significant factor that can be easily corrected and yet is the most common defaulting practice. Conscious efforts are required to maintain adequate quantities of water. Constipation can also be inherited as a family history; it is seen that weak digestive systems run in families. It might also be a genetic condition due to some structural pathology that is detected in newborns and needs to be fixed surgically. This is called imperforate anus wherein there is no outlet for feces to be evacuated; this is a surgical condition and cannot be called true constipation. Some people develop constipation while traveling due to change in food and water, this is normal and commonly resolves by itself. Of course, such peculiar tendencies can be beautifully addressed by homeopathy.

Medicine is not the only approach to tackle constipation. Dietary and lifestyle modifications play a major role. It is necessary that healthy eating habits be inculcated from a very young age. Nowadays, diseases tend to not wait for a certain age to manifest; all varieties of diseases are being seen in almost all age groups. Therefore, poor dietary habits will certainly have a negative impact even on the relatively healthier digestive system of a child. Fruits and green leafy vegetables must constitute a significant portion of the meals. Curd helps promote healthy digestion and must be included in the meals. Proper fluid intake is absolutely essential. A minimum of two liters of water a day is extremely important not just for smooth digestive functioning but for general metabolism as well. Foods rich in fibers such as melons, papaya, etc. must form a part of the diet as they help add to the bulk of the stools and therefore facilitate evacuation. Heavy, spicy, greasy and oily meals must be kept to a minimum as they retard digestion and irritate the bowels. Apart from these dietary precautions, regular exercise also helps in preventing constipation. This is because an inactive lifestyle tends to slow down the metabolism rate and thereby retards digestion also. Bowels turn sluggish and motions become erratic and irregular. This contributes to developing constipation.

A variety of methods are available to deal with constipation. Certain dietary efforts and modifications can act as a good medicine for constipation. As we know that for a medicine to help constipation it must be able to improve the sluggishness of bowels, similarly it is seen that many food items are capable of enhancing bowel activity and fighting constipation. Home remedies have been used since time immemorial and have varying results. Lemon oil in warm water, ginger tea, chamomile tea and flax seeds are known to be helpful in evacuating the bowels. Jaggery taken as a small piece after meals helps to facilitate healthy bowel function. Broccoli, pears, apples, nuts, apricots, etc. are sources of fiber and help add bulk to the stools. Aloe juice is also considered to be a good option for people suffering from constipation. For some people, coffee and tea might also be effective, however due to their other adverse effects they are generally not advised. Normal and pro-biotic curds are both known to encourage smooth digestion.

Apart from home remedies, there are other solutions as well. Establishing a routine with fixed mealtimes helps a lot. Over the counter drugs can be taken to fight the problem, however this solution is neither permanent nor reliable. Normally, laxatives are prescribed by allopathic physicians to solve the problem. While they are effective in the short run, their repeated use not only renders them ineffective but the person is forced to take the substance in increasing quantities for the same result to take place. This also establishes a dependence on the product which is not desirable. Powders and mixtures are locally available to deal with constipation, but once again not only is their chemical composition questionable, they are also unreliable and have no permanent effects. For a problem as chronic as constipation, it is important to explore a permanent solution. This is where homeopathy comes in.

For constipation medicine is, in fact, available in a variety of options- allopathic, homeopathic, and indeed ayurvedic and other systems too claim to have the best medicine for constipation in India. Therefore, one can be spoilt for choice and yet be clueless about the best medicine to cure constipation. Before you try any medicine for constipation, however, you must be aware not only of its constituents but also about the possible side effects of this medicine used for constipation. Not every medicine would suit everyone, and obviously, not every system can provide the best medicine to treat constipation. Naturally, the best medicine for constipation would vary between individuals depending on their symptoms and individuality.

It is wise to take homeopathic medicine for constipation and gas as it works not only to relieve constipation symptoms but also helps abolish the tendency for recurrent evacuation problems. The best medicine for constipation in homeopathy is probably Natrum muriaticum. A large number of homeopaths all over the country consider this remedy to be the best medicine for chronic constipation, particularly as a tissue remedy. This is available in various potencies such as 3x, 6x, 12x and so on.

Homeopathy provides constipation medicine for adults and young alike. The best homeopathic medicine for constipation in India is, without question, provided by Schwabe. This is because Schwabe medicine for constipation is made out of natural sources. Schwabe India provides medicine for various combination of symptoms, for example, homeopathy medicine for gas and constipation, homeopathy medicine for piles and constipation, homeopathic medicine for acidity and constipation, etc. These remedies are available in various forms such as liquid, tablets, pills, etc. Another valuable aspect of homoeopathic medicine for constipation is that it is absolutely safe for pregnant women and causes no adverse reactions to the mother or the baby. Thus, homeopathy is not only the best medicine to relieve constipation but also the safest.

It is important to discuss certain complications that occur as a result of long standing constipation. Even though constipation seems to be a seemingly trivial everyday issue, like any other symptom its presence for a prolonged period of time can cause some changes in the digestive tract for the worse. Prolonged straining for stools leads to increased intra-abdominal pressure, and this develops into hemorrhoids over a period of time. This happens because the veins in the anal canal become swollen and engorged due to the high pressure. Hemorrhoids (also called piles) come with their own set of complications and distressing conditions. Hard stools repeatedly impacting the anal sphincter can cause tears of the anus causing anal fissures. Infections and inflammations repeatedly occurring over the area can lead to fistula formation which is a very obstinate and hard to treat condition. Fecal impaction occurs when stools can not be expelled any which way and medical aid in the form of enema needs to be given. Sometimes, the rectum may protrude out the anus due to excess strain and pressure leading to rectal prolapse. These are all highly undesirable conditions occurring in advanced cases of constipation. Such disturbing problems can be avoided by taking treatment at the initial stage.

Let us now have a look at how Natrium Muriaticum works to solve the problem of constipation. The medicine is prepared by potentizing common salt (sodium muriaticum) by the process of dynamization, which is a unique feature of homeopathy. Since commons salt is a natural component of the human tissues, the medicine has its sphere of action in almost all of body tissues. It acts especially on the connective tissues. Broadly speaking the medicine replenishes the body’s depleted salt and minerals and this helps even out many of the disturbed metabolic processes, including digestion. The medicine also facilitates healthy digestion by toning up the digestive tract. It has an excellent action in cases of dehydration. We know that dehydrated individuals are unable to pass normal stools as the lack of water retards the movement of fecal mass. Natrium Muriaticum helps tackle the symptoms of dehydration by replenishing the depleted salt levels and this way the passage of stools becomes easier and smoother. The medicine also helps on the general metabolism improving the overall functioning of all physiological processes. This is how this excellent homeopathic remedy helps to solve the problem of constipation for a long term effect. Consult your homeopathic physician for the dose and potency best suited to your case.