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Repeated or frequent infection is the leading indicator of primary immunodeficiency. While most children with repeated infections may have healthy immune system, it is imperative to distinguish the child with a primary immunodeficiency from others to scrutinize and treat aptly as early as possible.

Infection is mostly caused by either bacteria or viruses. Most children who get sick are normal as getting sick only makes you stronger (the body remembers the type of pathogen and makes immunity to fight it off in the future) and grows into healthy adults. On average a child has a maximum of 4-8 episodes of respiratory tract infections in a year. The infections are more likely in children with atopic diseases. Also, the number varies from individual to individual depending on their body’s defense system and risk factors that predispose to the allergen they are exposed to. The repeated infection affects the growth and development of the body. In healthy children with normal immunity, growth and development remain unaltered. The immune system inside your body is what shields you from any attacks of countless microbes present in the world outside. Though, the defense system of the body itself can safeguard from continuous attacks but to a limit. While functioning properly, the body’s inbuilt immunity knows how to discriminate against any foreign pathogen from its tissues.

Symptoms of repeated infection due to a weak immune system are:

  • Fatigue
  • Lethargy
  • Frequent cold, fever, tonsillitis, bronchitis, skin infections
  • Allergic reactions
  • Fever with shaking, sweating, headache, body pain, loss of appetite, dehydration, tachycardia, and irritability.
  • Pain while peeing
  • Pain in the abdomen

Other symptoms consist of sore throat, cough, earache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and seizures, hallucinations, or confusion during high-grade fever.

Mostly, otherwise healthy children have 2 to 3 episodes of severe infection without any apparent cause. However, if the episodes are very severe and recurrent, you should consult a doctor for an underlying immunodeficiency that may be the cause of repeated infection.

Immunodeficiency may be secondary or primary. Primary immunodeficiency is inherited condition whereas secondary immunodeficiency occurs after infancy. The major causes of secondary immunodeficiency are malnourishment and HIV/AIDS infection. Other causes consist of malignancy such as leukemia, lymphoma, sickle cell disease, diabetes mellitus, severe liver disease, renal failure, immunosuppressive medications, and protein loss.


  • Provide a healthy diet to your children
  • Make sure he/she is getting enough rest
  • Make it a habit of washing hands before and after meals. Also, wash hands after touching anything dirty thing. Do not let children put dirty hands, unclean stuff in their mouth. The oral route is the easiest way for any infection to get into the body.
  • Mostly the children catch an infection in day-cares from other children. If your child is sick try to keep him/her at home.
  • Provide proper medication for allergies. Allergies is the basic cause for repeated sinusitis and subsequent bronchial asthma.
  • Avoid exposing children to smoke. Passive smoking is the highest risk factor for respiratory tract infection of children.

How does homeopathy improve immunity and stops the cycle of repeated infection in children?

During sickness, the immune system is vulnerable, unable to help itself and fight against parasites. Thus it is wiser to add homeopathic medicines and help the bodily immune system to fight against any possible intruders better. Homeopathy is basically follows the principle of similar. This method of therapy helps to boost the body’s defenses. Similar method is used in vaccinations and allergy treatments.I In homeopathy minute dose/simple dose is used which is individualized to the person. Homeopathic medicine is safer to treat ill people by stimulating the body’s immune system. It thus helps in enhancing the natural resistance of the body of an individual against allergens and diseases.

Homeopathic medicines strengthen the body’s immunity, making it capable of fighting against parasites and pathogens, in contrast to antibiotics that ‘neutralize’ an infection. These medicines are effective in curing the infection associated with repeated occurrence because of compromised immunity. Homeopathic medications are reported to eliminate poisonous or toxic build up in the bod organs like liver, spleen, lymph nodes that are an essential part of the immune system. This helps in detoxifying the body. Unlike many conventional drugs, homeopathic medicine is sweeter rather than bitter, edible and easy to consume. Homeopathic medicine takes into consideration your present health circumstances that affect you and your body. In short, it takes you the individual picture which is different from the rest of the people around you. It improves immunity naturally and makes the vital force stronger for the future to fight against disease-causing pathogens.

Homeopathic treatment for repeated infections in children:
General homeopathic medication for immunity is Munostim in globules available in a 10g bottle. It is an immune system regulator and prevents proneness to repeated attacks of illness. It helps to increase resistance against invasive pathogens. It also helps to overcome the side effects of vaccinations. Homeopathic medicines are best to regulate vital functions of the body without any side effects. These medicines act as a disease preventing, health-promoting agent in people with low immunity without any hustle.