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Medicated Globules


Under pharmaceutical view, globules are small round sugar pills. These are prepared from pharmaceutical-grade sugar. When these globules are impregnated with the medicines, these are known as medicated globules. In homoeopathy, globules are used extensively for dispensing of their medicines.

Homoeopathic medicines are prepared by potentising the crude drugs substance into useful medicines. This is achieved by diluting the crude drug substance extensively by processes known as trituration and succusion. A vehicle is required to carry the desired amount of dose to the patient. Globules are required to carry such infinitesimal dose without getting its properties disturbed. Milk sugar globules help to solve this purpose due to its following properties:

  • Sugar globules do not alter the properties of homoeopathic medicinal dilutions. 

  • It can readily dissolve the homoeopathic medicinal dilutions which are prepared in an alcohol base. 

  • Medicated sugar globules can be used for a long period of time without disturbing the medicinal properties. It can be stored easily without any special storage requirements.

  • It does not require any preservatives for its storage.

Why dispensing through medicated globules is better than direct alcohol solution of the medicine?

  • Homoeopathic medicinal potencies are prepared in alcohol. When given directly over the tongue, it can lead to a burning sensation on the tongue. Medicated globules are preferable to avoid this. 

  • Sugar globules are easily soluble and hence can be easily administered to any age group.

  • Globules are easy to carry, and there is no fear of spilling of the liquid likewise in case of alcohol.

What are medicated globules?

Globules impregnated with a medicinal solution are termed as medicated globules. These are prepared by infusion of medicinal solution into globules. This infusion should be done correctly to avail genuine medicine and better results to the patients. Medicine has to be infused homogeneously. It has to be prepared in a clean and hygienic environment to avoid impurities. Medicated globules are available in different potencies, size and quantity.

Why prefer pre-medicated globules?

Pre-medicated globules have many benefits which are listed below:

  • The medicine to be dispensed is infused homogeneously, so there is no chance of getting a lesser dose of the medicine.

  • When medicine is infused on the spot while dispensing, there are high chances of spilling and putting excessive medicinal solution upon the globules. By the usage of pre-medicated globules, these two factors are eliminated eventually.

  • Medicated globules provide ready to dispense medicines to the busy practitioners and hence save their time. 

Quality of homoeopathic medicated globules

Quality of medicated globules depends upon the techniques and source used in its preparation. Following factors determine the same:

  • Use of a sufficient amount of medicine for globules.

  • Homogeneous impregnation of medicine in the globules.

  • Preparation of globules in GMP certified environment.

  • Untouched by hands for better hygiene and maintenance of its purity.

One should buy homoeopathic globules manufactured by a GMP certified company. Dr Willmar Schwabe is a GMP certified company. It provides you medicated as well as non-medicated finest homoeopathic globules. They use the highest quality of raw materials for the preparation of globules as well as homoeopathic medicines. Controlled Temperature Treatment Technique (CTTT) is used for the preparation of globules which ensures its best quality. The globules are soft, and their colours are pure white without using any chemical for their artificial brightness. All the points mentioned above for high quality medicated globules are followed here.


Globules are small round sugar pills under the pharmaceutical aspect. These are prepared from pharmaceutical-grade sugar. Homoeopathic medicated globules are prepared by infusion of liquid homoeopathic medicines into globules. In homoeopathy, these are used extensively for dispensing of medication to the patients. It is better to use medicated globules than using liquid potency directly. Medicated globules are preferred over locally medicated globules as it serves to provide a better homogeneous infusion of medicines into globules and hence better result. One should keep in mind the qualities of well-medicated globules before buying it. Being a GMP certified company, Dr Willmar Schwabe fulfils all the criteria for preparation of finest quality homoeopathic medicated globules. One can buy homoeopathic globules impregnated with different medicines from this brand without any doubt in quality.