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Schwabe’s Global Operations:

Over the years, acquisitions, joint ventures and the founding of new companies have made Schwabe a large conglomerate with subsidiaries and associated companies both at home and abroad.
Homoeopathic Companies of the Schwabe Group
Germany Europe  Other Countries

VSM, The Netherlands

Boericke & Tafel, USA

ISO VSM, Belgium Schwabe India
  Omida, Switzerland Medicor, Mexico
  Loacker, Italy  
  DHU, Spain  


Phytopharma Companies of the Schwabe Group
Germany Europe Other Countries
Dr. Willmar Schwabe Austroplant, Austria Nature’s Way, USA
Schwabe International ASI, Austria Garnay, USA
Spitzner Cara Partner, Ireland Enzymatic Therapy, Inc., USA
Extracta Linnea, Switzerland Farmasa Schwabe, Mexico
Intersan Schwabe Pharma, Switzerland Schwabe Wenex, Hong Kong
Farmasan Piniol, Switzerland Lu Yuana, China
CuraMed Schwabe, Spain Schwabe Greenwave, Japan
Lucenta S.C.A., France Parceval, South Africa

To achieve greater group synergies, Schwabe has established a federation of firms called Homoeopathy International (HomInt). HomInt has representations and agents in over 20 countries. It dedicates a multimillion dollar budget to research, educational and development programmes.

Measured by its national turnover, Schwabe Group today is one of the 25 largest pharmaceutical manufacturers in Germany. Its international reach spans five continents, with exports accounting for more than 27% of the total sales. The group employs more than 2000 people worldwide.

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