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Nux Vomica – Uses, Side Effects, And More

Nux vomica is commonly known as Strychnos nux vomica or poison nut. It belongs to the plant kingdom and is a member of the family Loganiaceae. It is a medium-sized, deciduous tree and grows in open habitats in Southeast Asia and India. The seeds of the plant are triturated to prepare the tincture and further potencies of the medicine Nux vomica.

What are the various uses of Nux vomica in homeopathy?

Nux vomica homeopathy uses are:-

  • It is very effective in the treatment of gastrointestinal problems such as constipation, diarrhea, dysentery, colic, excessive gas formation, stomach infection, and hemorrhoids.
  • It helps to treat liver disorders.
  • It helps to treat bladder affections with frequent passing of urine, tenesmus, and spasms of the urethra. 
  • It helps to treat eye affections such as amaurosis, amblyopia, muscae volitantes, night –blindness, and strabismus.
  • It helps to treat the bad effects of addictions such as alcoholism, tea drinking, and tobacco habit.
  • It is effective in the treatment of neurological problems such as convulsions, delirium, epilepsy, locomotor ataxy, myelitis, spastic paralysis, lumbago, abnormal speech, and sleep disorders. 
  • It helps to treat sexual problems such as emissions, erotomania, impotency, masturbation, nymphomania, sexual perversion, as well as uterine or vaginal prolapse.

What are the characteristic indications for homeopathic prescription of Nux vomica?

In accordance with the principle of simila similibus curentur Nux vomica can treat those disease conditions effectively to which Nux vomica is the most similar in its symptomatology which had been observed and recorded earlier in the homeopathic materia medica during the process of drug proving.  

Nux vomica for respiratory troubles like coryza, snuffles of infant, cough or asthma is indicated under the following circumstances:-

  • Blockage of nose at night and in warm room and coryza which is fluent in the open air and during the daytime.
  • Oversensitivity to strong odors even to the extent of fainting from such strong odors.

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Nux vomica for constipation, gas or stomach infection is indicated under the following circumstances:-

  • Bad smell in mouth with small aphthous ulcer and sour and bitter taste especially in the morning.
  • Craving for piquant food, beer, stimulants and fatty food.
  • Violent retching and nausea which gets better if he can only vomit. The patient may try to induce vomiting himself to get relief.
  • Gastralgia with pain extending to chest and back. The pain gets aggravated from eating food. The food lies like heavy knot on stomach. The pain get better from hot drinks and vomiting.
  • Jaundice that is caused due to anger
  • Flatulent colic and constipation where the patient strains hard at stools, there is feeling as if a part remained unexpelled and the patient passes a small quantity at every attempt.
  • In stomach infections the abdominal pain gets better for some time on passing stools.
  • Piles which are itching, bleeding and gets better from cool bathing.

Nux vomica for musculoskeletal problem is indicated under the following circumstances:-

  • Pain with stiffness in cervical region which is caused by exposure to cold or nervous shock
  • Pain in back where the patient must sit up in order to turn in the bed.

Nux vomica is indicated in fever where the patient gets easily chilled. The body especially the face maybe burning hot but the patient cannot uncover without feeling chilly.

Nux vomica is indicated for renal troubles such as renal stone colic where the pain extends to the genitals and legs. There is painful ineffectual urge to urinate and relief in renal colic by lying on back.

What are the factors that ameliorate or aggravate the sufferings of Nux vomica patient?

Nux vomica works well in the treatment of complaints that get worse under the following conditions: –

  • Early morning
  • Exposure to cold such as open air, drafts, sitting on cold seat, uncovering
  • Mental exertion, disturbed sleep
  • Tobacco consumption
  • Music and noise
  • And psychological factors such as disappointment of ambition, mental shock and wounded honor.

Similarly Nux vomica works well in the treatment of conditions that are relieved under the following conditions: –

  • Taking naps and resting
  • Hot drinks
  • From free discharges
  • Wrapping head warmly
  • Moist air 
  • And lying on sides

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What kind of patient best responds to the action of Nux vomica?

Nux vomica is very commonly used medicine in modern times. It is suitable to treat many disease conditions that are inevitable due to modern lifestyle. The kind of patient who best responds to the beneficial effect of Nux vomica include: –

  • Nux vomica is found particularly beneficial in people who live a sedentary life and perform much mental work.
  • It is helpful to especially those who are under constant mental strain and stress of business cares and prolonged office work. It is seen that such people are prone to indulge in vices such as wine, women, rich stimulants such as tea, coffee and sedative drugs in order to get rid of their worries. 
  • Nux vomica is suited to people who are spare, thin, active, quick, irritable and nervous.
  • Nux vomica works well on firm fibered brunettes.
  • It is suitable for dyspeptics who experiment with their food but are able to digest little.


Nux vomica homeopathy medicine is very commonly used these days. It is well suited to treat many health related problems that a modern man faces. Nux vomica is found particularly beneficial in people who live a sedentary life and are under constant mental strain and stress especially when such people are prone to indulge in vices such as wine, women, rich stimulants such as tea, coffee and sedative drugs in order to get rid of their worries. 

 Several problems such as colic, liver disorder, piles, constipation, gastrointestinal infections, respiratory problems, pain in neck and back, neurological problems, sexual problems etc. are effectively treated with help of Nux vomica in such patients. 

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