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Frequently asked questions

 Online shopping
1. What is the difference between Homoeopathy and Ayurveda

Ans. Ayurveda is thousands of year old health system from India.Homoeopathy was invented by Dr. C.F.S. Hahnemann from germany. The Homoeopathic system is based on micro-dilutions in form of remedies which are used to cure various diseases.

2. What precautions should i take while taking homoeopathic medicines?

Ans.There are not much precautions required while taking homoeopathic medicines but it is better to take the medicines on empty stomach with some water,if in liquid form while the tablets can be swallowed with water or dissolved in mouth.

3. There are other homoeopathic companies in the market, what is the difference between Schwabe's products and others.

Ans.Although there are many products available from different companies available in the market, Schwabe is one of the companies which first bought GMP(Good Manufacturing Practices) to the Indian Homoeopathic market in 1997.With strict air quality control, extra neutral alcohol, original herbs,authentic sources of herbs and Hahnemannian methods of preparation with strict compliance to Indian Pharmacopoeia makes Schwabe's product way ahead than the competition.

4. Selling Schwabe Germany products online

Ans:We are sorry that at present we cannot sell Schwabe Germany products, which are imported from our parent company, in retail or through online on legal grounds. Inconvenience is regretted.

5. Why not 100ml dilutions and MTs in our website?

Ans: Please be informed that as per Drug Rule homoeopathic medicines containing more than 12% alcohol should be sold only to dispensaries and hospitals in more than 30ml. Since online sale is for end users, we cannot sell 100ml dilutions and mother tinctures there.

6. Searching products in the website

Ans: Thanks for your query. Please find a search bar at the top right of our website. You can put any keyword like medicine name, indication, etc. to search the entire website

7. Advice for a critical medical problem

Ans: Please understand that as a pharmaceutical manufacturer, we are not allowed to prescribe medicines for the medical problems needing physician's consultation. We suggest that you should consult your homoeopath for these products, who will be in the right position to formulate the treatment plan and managing measures after the case taking, examination, etc.


8. Ginkgo biloba 1x

Ans: This is to inform you that currently this product is on hold for a brief period as under some commercial consideration. Alternately you may like to use Ginkgo biloba Q. It is available here: https://www.schwabeindia.com/mother-tinctures/3687-ginkgo-biloba-mt.html

9. In how many days Schwabe India ships the order?

The order will be shipped within 5-7 working days subject to the availibility of the product.

10. Are Schwabe Products available Internationally?

Ans. Yes, Schwabe products are available worldwide.

11. What is the difference between single remedies and speciality products?

Ans. Single remedies of homoeopathy like dilutions, mother tinctures etc can be used for multiple problems based on the individualistic symptoms, while speciality products are specially designed for particular problems.

12. What if Kids accidentally ingest more medicines

Ans. No need to panic, just give a strong cup of coffee and lots of fluids. Watch for any unwanted symptoms and if any seen, report to a homoeopathic physician.

13. Is a prescription required for homoeopathic medicines?

Ans: All these medicines are over the counter medicines and no prescription is necessaryfor them, although  treatment under a homoeopathic physician is always recommended.

14. Are Homoeopathic Medicines Safe?

Ans: Yes, medicines are generally considered safe for consumption in recommended therapeutic doses.

15. Where i can get Homoeopathic medicines?

Ans: You can get Schwabe's medicines at all leading homoeopathic counters. You can also purchase them online either through the website or through Schwabe's APP on your  Andoriod Phone.

16. What if you Miss a dose?

Ans: If you miss a dose, don't repeat or increase the dose, just take it normally on the next dosage time.

17. What are dilutions and Mother Tinctures?

Ans: Mother Tinctures are drug alcoholic extract generally having 1 gram in 10ml of the tincture from the herbs, animal or mineral sources as per pharmacopoeia fixed formulations.Dilutions are single remedies used in classical homoeopathy. Dilutions are potentised preparations prepared from Mother Tinctures.

18. How can I know which medicines are right for me?

Ans. For our Webusers, homoeopathic medicines are categorized under the headings like Digestive, Cough etc.Once the category is opened, it shows the Product with the Description.

19. Can the same medicine be taken by adult and kids both?

Ans. Yes, but the dosage needs to be altered as per the age, if the indicated problem is same.

20. What are Biochemics or Schussler's salt?

Ans. Biochemics or Schussler's salts are the 12 tissue salts which are used in multiple problems and helps to strengthen the various body systems and organs.Their combinations specific to different diseases are also available.

21. Does Schwabe India ship products outside India

We are sorry that at present we sell only in India.Alternately, you may place the order providing your relatives/friends address as shipping address within India, which can be forwarded to you by them. Please note that all the shipping and forwarding  formalities should be done by the customer. Customers are advised to go through the checklist and necessary requirements with courier, customs, etc. before placing the order. Schwabe is not liable for any issues related to that. Goods once sold will not be taken back in case of difficulties arising from such issues. 

Schwabe India has recently started exporting to Bangladesh.The details of the export list can be obtained from the link below


22. Where can I check my order status?

Go to My Account > Order History and Details > Status. You can track your order here.

23. I want to know the status of my refund

You have to call the customer care in order to know the status of the refund.

24. How can I make payment for my order?

You can place the order via the following payment modes

  • NET Banking
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Schwabe Wallet
  • Paytm
  • Mobikwik
  • Paypal

25. I was not able to pay online while placing an order

In case of failure of payment, go to My Account> Order History. Check the status of the order. In case the order is not placed, you can reorder from there.

26. My money was deducted but the order was not placed. What do I do?

If the amount is deducted and Order not generated, then you can call the Customer care Customer Care Number : 0120-4016500 ( Mon-Fri 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM). and give the details about the transaction reference number .The order can be created manually .Otherwise the money will be refunded back in 5-7 working days.

27. Can I order through email?

No. You can place orders only online.

28. What is Schwabe Wallet?

Schwabe Wallet is a virtual wallet to store Schwabe points. Each Schwabe cash point is equal to Rs 1. It can be redeemed only on purchase of medicines via Schwabe and cannot be transferred to someone else.

29. How do I check my Schwabe Wallet Balance?

In order to check the Schwabe Wallet Balance, Go to My Account > Schwabe Wallet. The balance will be reflected on the screen.

30. How can I redeem Schwabe Balance?

You can redeem the wallet money while placing the order. Put all the items in your cart. In order to redeem your wallet money, click on the wallet option while making the payment. You can use the wallet money upto maximum 10% of the order value and pay the remaining amount through other payment mode.

31. How will I get to know my order is confirmed?

You will get an email and SMS confirmation after successfully placing the order. You can also visit My Account > Order History and Details.

32. Is there a limit on how much wallet money can be redeemed in one order?

Yes, you can only use wallet balance up to 10% of the cart value.

33. What are the delivery charges?

The delivery for orders above Rs 250 is free. However, orders with amount lower than Rs 250 will be charged Rs 40 per order.

34. Can I directly add money to my Schwabe Wallet?

No. You can however earn balance via the following methods

  • Loyalty Points
  • SIgn up Offer
  • Vouchers
  • Referral Program
  • Refund /Return

35. How will I get the refund?

The refund will be initiated in 5-7 working days directly in the bank account.

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